Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wagons, pools, and jammed toes

We had a nice lil' pool party in Mandi's backyard.
Despite the tears shed by baby Charlie--
It really was a great time had by all!

{baby Charlie, Jace, and Pearl}

Above you will see Jace and Violet stuffing their faces with cupcakes,
Pearl and Violet looking on as the boys splash away,
and Wyatt proudly sitting on his valiant steed! {a colorful trike}
 Violet was fearless-- climbing all over anything, and everything,
but she wouldn't set foot in the pool...

Pearl on the other hand, took one slide into the pool,
and that was enough for her... from then on out, she gave pep talks,
and applause to Wyatt and Jace, as they braved what we dubbed as:
"The Toe Jammer!"
The Toe Jammer is a water sport--
Where all daring participants are rushed down a short slide,
into a pool's edge that comes far too soon...
toes are slammed into the plastic barricade--
and the participant is then thrown over the side, and onto the grass...
It gets pretty WILD!!
The wagon was a favorite.  Wyatt did most of the pulling,
and sometimes Violet did some pushing.
There was also a time that I was asked to pull them "to California."
California would have been a long walk...
good thing these kids have strong imaginations!

and even stronger toes...


grandma to 16 said...

what a fun way to beat the heat! ~~ Do they make those pool/slide combinations in a larger size?..

Cathy Bubert said...

Wow! Looks like fun :)

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