Monday, May 14, 2012

A Good Day to be a Mama

 Mother's Day started out with "the big pancake," just as every good day should.

We hurried off to 9 a.m. church,
and attended a beautiful sacrament meeting.

When it was time for the primary children to sing to their Moms,
I said "okay Pearl, time to sing!" 
I looked down to see that she'd fallen asleep sitting up.
All of the kids filed onto the stand, with the shortest in front.
The music started playing, and Pearl looked at me and said
"I can't do it Mom," and burst into tears.
She buried her face in her hands, 
while the rest of the children sang their little hearts out.
I think being woken up, and then promptly dragged up to sing
was where the tears came from.

She gave her teacher Brandi Petersen two of her thin bangle bracelets--
right off of her wrist, and told her it was for Mother's Day.  

She gave me a card, and bag of chocolate they had put together in class. 
We had all of the Mother's in Primary pick their favorite songs,
and the kids sang them.  My favorite song we sang today was
"Give Said the Little Stream."
 I picked up my Mother's Day flowers on my way out of church,
then promptly went home to take a Mother's Day nap.

I slept a long time.

I came out to the kitchen to find that Pearl had made
many beautiful cards for me-- even painting a few. 
 That little girl has a heart of gold.

Kelly presented me with a gift that may never be topped.
He painted silhouettes of Pearl and Violet, and I was completely blown away.
I cannot wait to get them framed and hanging on the wall.
I love how you can see Pearl's glasses, and Violet's little fountain hairdo.
These portraits are so them at this very moment in time.
I love being their Mama!


grandma to 16 said...

Pearl is the artist extroardinare!!
I love her "Queen" Mother's Day card~~

the silouhettes are just priceless because it catches those little girls' profiles in time! You would have been proud to see how still they were while daddy sketched them>>>~

Cathy Bubert said...

A great Mother's Day for a great Mom!!! XOXO

CC said...

Pearl's tears we so adorable. We were holding back laughter. (Sorry to mock her pain.) She was so cute up there rubbing her eyes.

K-man is DEFINITELY a keeper! The profiles are PRICELESS!

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