Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another one down.

 Do you know what happened yesterday?
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Pearl lost another tooth!
It was the second of her two front teeth
that were bumped loose months ago.

Pearl and Violet and I had just finished dancing to "Anchor."
I grabbed both of my girls and gave them a big hug.
As I was letting go of them, Pearl said "My tooth!" there it was--
a little pearly white sitting in her hand.
She said "I like loosing my teeth! it's fun!"
Which was a nice contrast from the tears that came
with the first missing tooth.

The timing couldn't have been better,
as Gram was bringing Kelly home a few minutes later.
Pearl couldn't wait to "surprise" them with a second gap in her smile.
She kept her lips closed tight until Gram, who was onto her, said:
"Let me see your smile!"
We went to Texas Roadhouse with Gram,
where Pearl ate baskets of "sweet bread" to her hearts content.
That bread is easy on a gummy smile, after all.

Later that night I took Pearl out shopping with me to get
everything we needed for Violet's 2nd birthday.
{how did that come so fast?!}

She wanted to get EVERYTHING in sight for her baby sister.
"Ooooh! Violet would loooove this Mom!
Can we pleeeeaaaase get it for her?!"
Love the tongue through the teeth Pearl--
oh, and those boots with the capris... yep!

I did let Pearl get Violet this card...
It was the last of a few cards she had me read out loud to her.
Once I finished reading it, she gasped and said:
"We have to get it for her Mom! She'll love that one."

How could I resist.

Another tooth down, and hopefully no more to go for a long, long while.
She is going to be our toothless little cutie for years to come.

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Cathy Bubert said...

What a beautiful smile Pearly girl! Love the animated photos :)

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