Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mindy, Cousins, and Adele

Saturday May 5th started out with a happy reunion.

My dear friend Mindy Miles Smith was in town for her brother's wedding,
and desperate for a haircut. I was happy to help her out--
Even if it was mostly so I could see her,
 and her baby boy Stockton for a short time.

Mindy was a senior when I was a sophomore in high school.
She was always super nice, but I didn't get to really know her until
we both went to Ecuador with O.S.S.O. in the fall of 2002.
She was with the group that was a couple of months ahead of me--
which meant that they trained my friend Jessica and I when we arrived.
She was like a big sister to us, and we looked up to her so much.
It has been six years since I've seen her-- which is really just way too long...

We had so much fun catching up, 
and I may or may have not taken extra long on her haircut
 so that I could have a little more time with her.
Her Dad is the mission President in Germany right now,
so we had that to talk about as well.

Mindy! I'm so glad you came, and really--
the six year break is totally un-necessary... let's not do that again.

That afternoon, our Primary was in charge of the opening exercises
for the Baptisms in our Stake.

I had to come up with the musical number,
and I knew just who to call--
Here we have Pearl, with my nieces: Kelsey, Katelyn, and Maegan Lindsey.
It makes it easy when there are four singing sisters in one family.
{Emma had a soccer game, or else she would have come too}
Not pictured was my cousin Blythe who also came to sing.

Those five little girls stood right up to the mic and sang
"I Am a Child of God," so beautifully that they had 
one person after another tell them what a great job they did.

As wonderfully as they did--
they were relieved to have it over with!
Sister Birdsley, our Primary President, gave each of the girls
 a sweet little brown paper package tied up with string-- 
and filled with Hershey's kisses.
We spent a couple of hours hanging out with the girls,
and then it was time to drive them home.
I turned on some music, and was surprised to find out
that they knew every single word to every Adele song.

I had to drive around the block a few times 
so we could finish out the album.

We pulled over and the girls gave Rollin' in the Deep
a second go, as it was unanimously their favorite.
The song ended-- and just like that,
 the singing cousins scurried into their house.


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