Monday, May 7, 2012

Double Blessed

I love baby blessings-- but how could you not?
Sweet little babies dressed in white, family, friends, and good food.

Yesterday we had a double dosage of baby blessings.
First up was baby June. 

Her Daddy Garan gave her a beautiful blessing.
My cousin Jessie got up and bore her testimony and it was so sweet,
then cousin Cody got up, and had a great metaphor about how sometimes 
living the gospel is similar to being a baby learning to walk,
and falling down a lot-- but getting back up and trying again.

Jessie is in my Grandpa's ward, 
and since the blessing was a few days after his heart attack--
there were many people who got up and spoke about
 their love and admiration for Grandpa.
It was a really incredible thing to be able to witness.

Violet was squealing at the top of her lungs towards the end of the meeting--
so she was escorted out of the building by her Papa Bear.
Since their sacrament meeting was at 9:00--
Jessie and Garan's families served a delicious breakfast afterwards,
with homemade cinnamon rolls, muffins, and fruit.
Cute cousins: Violet, Luke, and Pearl.
We went to our ward for Primary, 
and Pearl and I walked home in the beautiful weather.
Kelly stopped the van in front of us just before we got home, 
and said he needed to take the girls to his Mom's
 to work on a top secret project for me...

I dropped them off at Gram's, and drove up to Kaysville 
where baby Hailee had just been blessed.
Her blessing was at the same time as primary, so I had to miss it--
but I had to get up there and see the little beauty in her gorgeous dress.
Amber is one proud, and beautiful Mama.
The day was full of sugar and spice, and everything nice.

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Cathy Bubert said...

What a great day! Great photos! Precious babies!

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