Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend in a Nutshell

Saturday morning Kelly and I dropped the girls off at Gram's,
and drove out to Lehi to shoot a silent film
that will be shown at an upcoming wedding.
Heather and Davis are super creative, and were a blast to work with.
They had written the screenplay-- and had the perfect costumes to boot.
I can't wait to put it all together and show it off.

Later that night we attended the reception for Justin and AnnAlyse Chidester.
The Chidester family has lived in my parents ward for many years.
They are an incredible and well-loved family--
and apparently AnnAlyse's family, the Gibbon's are too.
I have never see a longer, winding line at a wedding!

They sent out the cutest invitation,
and just as I thought-- their reception was just as darling.
It had a real casual, backyard barbecue feel to it--
and their cake topped all other cakes, in my book...
Have you ever seen such a happy cake?!

Pearl and I made banana bread muffins,
and each of the girls took one right before heading to church.
Pearl bit out two circles, and realized the resemblance she'd made to a super hero--
while Violet just gobbled hers down.
{photo from Kel's instagram feed}

Today was the fifth Sunday in primary--
which means we do singing time for all of primary,
except for a little 10 minute game break we took in the middle.
The children learned "Jesus Once was a Little Child."
I think there aren't many things in life,
that are sweeter than hearing children sing that song.

Pearl wouldn't sing at all, and looked very nervous.
When I had a break, I took her out in the hall to see what was going on...
She told me she was afraid to sing because she had to cough.
She said she tried to talk, and it came out quiet, and made her scared.
A simple drink, and clearing of the throat remedied this problem,
and she was good as new.

The 3rd Ward had some exciting news today!
Brother and Sister Smith {a.k.a. Scott and Cristy}
have been called to serve as the ward librarians!!
Here you will see Brother Smith--
learning the ways of the library, from Sister Giles.

{the above photo was also taken by Kelly.}

The weekend ended with a party for Jake at the Lindsey's home.
My little nephew-- who is now much taller than me, turned fifteen!
He was a squirmy eight year old when Kelly and I got married.
Pearl is only three years younger than Jake was when I met him--
so him having a "learner's permit" is understandably freaking me out...
Pearl and Violet had so much fun with their cousins--
While Maegan entertained us with some dancing, some karate moves,
and some of her Mom's darkest secrets ;)
All of the kids wanted to watch Spongebob Squarepants, except for Maegan.
She wasn't very happy, but look! she's still cute when she's mad.
Uncle Kelly has a snowboarding game on his phone that
Maegan likes to play every time we see her.
To cheer her up from the Spongebob fiasco--
he pulled up the game for her and handed her his phone.
She swung her little legs up onto his lap--
and there she virtually snowboarded until the night was over.


Cathy Bubert said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!!

grandma to 16 said...

wow!........busy weekend, but lots of fun~~I love to see those two little gals all dressed up for cute, cute!

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