Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the Orange County Zoo

 On the same lot as the Irvine Park Railroad--
You will find the Orange County Zoo.
My Mom had read that it's a quaint little zoo 
that you can have covered in a half an hour.

I think that would have been true, 
had we not spent a little extra time with our favorites.

The goats were at the top of the list.
 Pearl was so nervous that she was laughing hysterically,
and let out a high-pitch squeal when his tongue swiped her hand.

Nana tried to feed all of the baby "under dogs,"
but the big "bully" mountain goats, or whatever they were--
are very scary, and they intimidated the little cuties away.
 Nana gave them just a little, to stay on their good side--
then it was right back to the littles.

Then there was this guy.
We'll call him Mr. Billy Goats Gruff 
He loved the camera!  
He was workin' it for everyone, and anyone who would give him the time of day.

Violet loved the snake--
and I loved that there was glass separating her from the snake.
I have a feeling she would have reached out for him, were there glass, or not.
The conclusion we came to--
was that just about all of the animals we saw 
can be found on our cousin's farm, or Grandpa's ranch.
 They were real farm-type zoo animals-- which we liked.
It was the perfect zoo for Pearl and Violet.
We just about had the place to ourselves,
and with it being so small, it feels like you get really enjoy each animal.

At the end of the zoo was a tiny playground.
And as it goes in the world of children--
playgrounds are not to be passed up!
 The girls had fun playing on Timmy the bouncy Turtle,
and going down the slides...
but the biggest hit of the playground was playing "telephone." 
It was like the whole, two tin cans with string idea--
but much, much cooler.
I don't understand how it worked--
but the sound came through loud and clear.
Even Violet got into it.  She'd climb up to the talking post and say:
"Hi Nana! Nana, I ya you."

Train rides, zoo animals, and a magical talking device!
It was a really good day.


Cathy Bubert said...

A REALLY, REALLY good day :) Thanks for helping me enjoy it all over again with your AMAZING photos! XOXO

grandma to 16 said...

An absolutely amazing post!....the animals just rolled out the red carpet for two cute visiting little Utah girls!!

Kelly Jewkes said...

Wish I was there! Love the glam goat!

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