Monday, April 23, 2012

Notes from the Weekend

{Is she the cutest lil' piano player, or what?!}

 A few things that happened this weekend go as follows:
On Friday the 20th--
My dear Grandpa, Hatch Howard turned 86!
I was writing him a birthday letter, when Pearl got out her art supplies,
and made him a birthday card of her own.
She drew fancy-designed candles,
and was very specific about the way they were cut out 
and glued onto the drip-frosted cake.
I love her clever mind.
It would be safe to say that her birthday card for Grandpa,
blew my birthday card for Grandpa out of the water...

We hand-delivered our birthday wishes,
and when Pearl handed him her card he smiled, and said:
"How 'bout that!"
And knowing my Grandpa, that's exactly what I thought he'd say.

He told us how he had been to the desert and back,
hauling a sheep trailer on his birthday.
I said "Grandpa, you've had a tiring day!"
To which he said: "Oh, it was fun."

We dropped the girls of at Gram's for our weekly date,
and Kel and I went to see 
Wrath of the Titans.
Kelly stuck two straws in our cup and said
"remember when people used to do this?"
And then we left them in there, and shared our sodie just like that.

Yes, this movie is very manly--
but I was excited to see it
because I loved learning about Greek Mythology in school,
I always thought it was super interesting.
My Mom bought me a big book about all of the
 Greek Mythology characters, and I loved reading through it.

Is that nerdy enough that I should have kept that story to myself?

Anyway, I thought the movie was really good,
and the special effects were amazing.
It was almost too intense for me though--
so action packed at times,
 that I thought my heart might race to death. 

In other news--
Violet wouldn't take off her butterfly wings 
from the time she woke up, to the time she went to bed.
 Maneuvering them around those car-seat buckles wasn't easy...

Primary was fun today.  
We leared one of the songs for the children to sing on Mother's Day.
It took them longer than usual to learn the song because they were so restless.
I think it was the perfectly good weather outside, 
that was making them anxious to get out.

Kelly stayed home with Pearl and Violet since they both had fevers.
Violet's was gone by late afternoon-- but by Sunday night,
Pearl was burning up.  She said her whole body was achy,
and she didn't want to move at all.

Kelly and Uncle Scott gave her a blessing,
and after that her fever came down enough for her to comfortably fall asleep. 
It's such a helpless feeling to have a sick child.
I hope she'll be back to her happy little self really soon.

{Sunday's fiery sunset}


Cathy Bubert said...

What a fun post about your great weekend. I'm hoping a praying that Pearl and Violet are feeling much better!!!! XOXO, Nana

grandma to 16 said...

Loved the cute picture of you & kel at the movies~~!!

praying Pearl turns the corner and feels better!!

Amanda said...

I love reading your blog. There's always fun happening at your house! You've inspired me to be more consistent with weekly date nights. :)

Unknown said...

Double straw for double the danger...(or something like that).

Unknown said...

I'm the "Unknown"... that's why I usually don't comment.... I stink up the joint!

kelly said...

Dang It!

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