Friday, April 20, 2012

More from Easter Weekend, and a Road Trip

The weekend before we left for California
 just can't go without mention.
Friday was a very important day--
because that was the day we went on a date to see
I read the Hunger Games
 out loud to Kelly on our Drive to and from Portland.
My voice started to get raspy from all of the reading--
but I drank lots of water and powered through.
Reading the book together made it even more fun to see the movie together.
I thought it was one of the best book turned movie I've seen.
I think they did a really good job of squeezing
 all of the details they could fit in there.
I really enjoyed it, and hope that one day I will be as brave as Katniss!
{says the girl who sleeps next to the wall for safety...}

I already posted on Easter--
but not about the part where Shelly, Ben, and Mari
 came for a visit from California.
Pearl and Violet were so excited to see Uncle Ben--
the licensed driver!

Monday was a very special day for Pearl,
because Aunt Shelly came to watch her dance.
Before Shelly moved to California--
I could always find my little runaway in Shell-bell's room
 dancing to Justin Bieber, or the Tangled Soundtrack.
Pearl loved having her dance partner there
 to watch her sashay across the floor.

We came home, and Uncle Ben taught Pearl a little song on the piano.
She was so happy about it, she turned around and gave him a big ole' hug.
total cuteness.

I managed to not get a picture of Mari--
but Cristy sure did:
Looks like Mari needed to catch up on some ZZZZZZ's.
She has always been know to fall asleep in the strangest of ways.
Hmmm, now I see why I couldn't get her in a pic.

I took this from Cristy too.  
It's from a movie I didn't go to--
but at least you'll know that Mari was awake for a little while.
 Oh look, she's up!

Monday night, we kissed our Papa Bear goodbye--
 and left him home to do some work,
while I loaded the girls in my sweet minivan--
and drove to California.
 I filled the girls up on A&W root-beer ice-cream,
and with happy tummies, they fell asleep.
We drove until Mesquite where we stopped for the night.
It was about 1:00am.
Violet was still asleep when we pulled up,
so I carefully carried her into her bed and laid her down ever so gently.
Pearl and I got ready for bed, and were about to climb in,
when Violet comes flying out of her bed--
running around and squealing over the excitement of this strange new room.
I laid her back down, and Pearl climbed into bed next to her.
Instead of Pearl calming Violet back to sleep--
Violet's energy rubbed off on Pearl, and they were WIDE awake!
Every time I'd lay them down, Violet would climb out of bed,
and Pearl would chase after her, trying to "help"
but mostly trying to play.
I begged them to go to sleep!
Pearl said to me in a very motherly voice:
"Mom, if you're tired-- go ahead and go to sleep.  We're just fine."
But I couldn't go to sleep, because I just knew Violet was going to
 knock the TV over, or stuff things down the toilet-- 
or do some other undesirable thing.

I finally threatened them with something good enough
{which was likely going back home without seeing Papa and Nana..}
that they stayed in their beds and fell asleep.
Yes, they may have deprived me of my sleep,
and made me feel like a crazy person--
but it still warmed my heart to see them in that big bed
snuggled up for their first sleepover together.

This was Violet's first night sleeping out of crib--
and was a good reminder to keep her IN her crib for a good while longer.

We slept in a little due to our long night.
We woke up, got ready, and got back on the road.

The drive was so beautiful.
We listened to the Countdown Kids Pandora station,
and the girls sang right along and were entertained with that for hours.

I could tell they were getting tired,
so we made a quick pit-stop.
Driving with Garfield at the Walmart arcade.

Once we got back in the car--
the girls slept for all but the last hour of the drive.
It was a lot easier than I thought it would be,
but SO nice to Make it to our destination.

Papa was in a meeting when we arrived,
but we were sure happy to see Nana!
Even the happy reunion on it's own was worth the drive.


Cathy Bubert said...

Love it, love it, love it and can't wait for more! XOXO

grandma to 16 said...

You're a brave mom, ..... I like the easy-travel way myself!!

cute hotel hotties!

corryfever said...

Katniss got nothin' on you! Driving to California with two baberz! You are truly a brave woman.

I am obsessed with the hotel story & pictures! And those sweet faces next to their Nana....tears in my eyes. I love her.

Love you, thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I think you are the only one that reads it. xo

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