Monday, April 2, 2012

J + J's Wedding day: The Primping and Goodbye

Saturday morning came with a 5:40am wake up call.
I arrived at the beautiful bride's house at 7:15am, 
where I curled her hair into soft waves, and pinned a few pieces back.
I kept her makeup very minimal.  She likes a fresh faced look,
and she can pull it off.  All she wanted on her lips was a dab of carmex.
Most people can't get away with that on their wedding day--
but her bee-stung, rosy lips don't need anything more.
Jasmine was calm, and quiet, and ready to get married!

While we were finishing up the last minute touches--
Josh, the doting groom walked through the front door and yelled up the stairs:
"I love you Jasmine!"
and then as if he was in no hurry at all,
he sat down to the piano and and effortlessly played an intricate song.

Jasmine was ready to go, but not before saying goodbye to her twin sister Janessa.
Their bond is so incredibly strong.  They hugged, and laughed and cried.
It was heartbreaking, and so sweet at the same time.

Jasmine walked down the stairs to a groom with an ear-to-ear smile.
He looks pretty happy to marry her, don't you think?

Her family waved goodbye from the top of the stairs.
She took one last look at the house she called home,
and they were off!


the Horton Hurricane said...

Priceless pictures for them!

Cathy Bubert said...

Jasmine is a beautiful bride. I love the photos and sweet post!

grandma to 16 said...

looks like so much fun!!

Jessica Duff said...

I LOVE this, that's all there is to it!!! Well done Stace!

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