Wednesday, April 4, 2012

J + J - The Temple

 The Portland Temple is absolutely exquisite.
Surrounded by trees, it feels so peaceful and serene.
I felt so happy just looking at it-- 
and felt absolutely elated to walk through the doors.

Josh and Jasmine's wedding ceremony was beautiful.
The room was packed with people who loved them.
Josh and Jasmine seemed so calm, and confident about this
 monumental moment in their lives. 

I looked at Jasmine, the glowing bride--
and wondered how the ten year old girl I had met would soon be somebody's wife.
Somebody who loves her very much, and will take great care of her-- that I am sure of.
I couldn't help but feel so grateful to be part of their day.  
To witness the beginning of a wonderful life to come.
They made a grand entrance, and though she prefers to stay out of the spotlight,
it was Jasmine's big moment-- and she took it all in.

First things first: hug Janessa!
Look at these beautiful women.  
One of the things I like best about Josh,
 is that he told Jasmine he knows how important it is
 to keep her tight-knit relationship with Janessa, 
and that he insists on them spending as much time together as they want.

Her new niece couldn't get enough of the beautiful bride.

Jared was so excited for Jasmine to get married, 
he didn't know what to do with himself.
I took these pictures while we were waiting for her to come out,
and no, I didn't pose him for any of them.
Here he is seen doing a "happy dance" with his beautiful Mama.

I love this one.
Three strapping men, and a darling little Cooper in the middle.

Josh's Dad showing off his new granddaughter.

Sassy little Jayla.

Laurel, Jennalise, Janessa, and Heather.
We are filming/photographing Heather's wedding in May!
I'm so excited about it.

Josh is one of three sons,
and the final son to get married.

Proud parents of the lovely bride.
Throw a proud Jessica in, and call it a day...
Okay, how about the whole Burton Family first?
That is one good looking family!

Here are some of the group shots from the day.
Is she cute or what?

I'm saving the best for last...
which is all of the pictures of Just the bride and groom.

Here is one that I absolutely adore.


the Horton Hurricane said...

Thanks for this. What a beautiful wedding day

Jessica Duff said...

LOVE the pictures Stacey, you guys really did such a wonderful job!!! Thank you so much!

I like how you talked about how Josh doesn't want to come between Jasmine and Janessa. I can't remember if I told you or not, but at the temple when Jasmine and Josh were getting ready to come out, he asked me all on his own to go out and find Janessa and make sure that she was the first one to hug Jasmine when they came out. I thought it was so sweet! Such a great guy!

grandma to 16 said...

oh wow!!! Elevated Films you have done it again~~~that picture of the little yellow-dressed girl peeking out among the yellow & navy high heels is amazing~ and the one of Josh holding his sweet new wife's face in his hands wins the award! There is nothing like the joy of a temple marriage! You caught it!

Cathy Bubert said...

AMAZING!!!! I love all of these incredible photos. I'm so happy for Josh, Jasmine and their families.

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