Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter ~ 2012

We started Easter off right, with a brave little Pearl--
who was afraid, but willing to give her first talk in primary.
It was a talk on gaining a testimony, 
and was about five minutes shorter when we practiced, 
than it was when she actually gave it...
Sometimes nerves slooooow ya down.
She stood up on a chair in front of her whole primary,
and her Daddy braced her up, while I whispered her lines in her ear.
Gram, and Uncle Scott, and Aunt Cristy came to watch.
We were so proud of our little bunny,
and I'll never forget how she turned and gave me
 the tightest squeeze of her life, the second her talk was over.
She was relieved!

We came home from church to find that the Easter bunny did indeed make a visit.
 Violet was happy with her chocolate...
and Pearl could not believe her eyes.
A poster of Disney princesses to adorn her wall!
Does life get any better than that?
I had a difficult time getting a picture of the two of them sitting together,
and looking at the camera.
 Very difficult.
 So I gave up.

Then we went to Gram's, 
to partake of the delicious Easter feast she had prepared.
 The Kings were there too.
So as you can imagine, it was a lot of fun.
Derek, Brit, and Devin ~ the good looking King kids.

Add a Pearl and a Violet to the mix,
and you have a sweet little cousin pic. 
It was a blissful Easter Sunday, that ended with some colored eggs.
More on that later...


grandma to 16 said...

Pearl was so happy with the "princesses" for her room!....and could the little bunny hat from Nursery be any cute on Violet!!!

You did a wonderful job on your talk, Pearl! Grandma was so proud of you!

corryfever said...

That is the sweetest story. Her squeezing you!!! I miss you guys so. especially those beautiful girls..xo

Cathy Bubert said...

This sounds like the perfect Easter Sunday :) Good job on your first talk Pearl! XOXO Nana

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