Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Conference - 2012

April conference came and went,
and left us feeling renewed, and uplifted.
 The girls got in some snuggle time with their Daddy,
and we enjoyed a quiet weekend in our comfy clothes.

When President Monson stood up to the pulpit--
Kelly said "Look, there's our Prophet!"
Pearl said: "Yep... he's my fave."

Then she tip-toed off somewhere, with my lipstick, and phone in tow.
I know this only because of the photographic proof she left behind.
She can sneak away with my stuff any day,
so long as I get her awesome self-portraits out of it. 
 She got Aunt Jenny's pretty lips.

She must have been paying a little bit of attention,
because she handed Kelly a drawing of President Eyring--
 and handed me a drawing of President Monson.
I love President Erying's glasses, 
and President Monson's pulpit.

My favorite talk was given by 
Larry Y. Wilson of the Seventy. 
He spoke about the importance of
 letting your children make their own decisions,
which may sometimes lead to  mistakes-- 
but mistakes they can learn and grow from.

After the final session of Conference ended,
we headed to Grandpa's house for our traditional
 first Sunday of the Month dinner.
We ate delicious food, and gathered around Grandpa--
the Patriarch of our family, while he bore his testimony to us.
Every month without fail-- he testifies of his love of the Lord,
and how he has been greatly blessed in his life--
but the greatest blessings of all are the Gospel and his family.

We then took turns giving our family updates,
and discussing our favorite conference talks.
As there are a lot of us to go around--
the rule is you can only talk about ONE favorite talk.
And believe me, the fam will hold you to that rule.
 Everyone would pipe up if you started talking about a second talk.
"Hey wait a minute!  You can't talk about that one too!  That was MY favorite talk--
Well, now I have nothing to say cause so and so took my talk."
And that is how it goes.
 Kelly had taken notes on his phone.
Some considered this cheating-- 
while others asked him who it was that talked about this or that.

We decided the theme was "tying up loose ends."
Repent, forgive, mend relationships, enjoy your family,
 reach out to those who need you.

I love conference weekend, and I love my family.

*I forgot to publish this post... so yes, it's very late ;)


Cathy Bubert said...

Great conference post (it doesn't matter if it's a bit late). I think you all hit on the perfect them of "tying up loose ends" - something we can all work on :) I especially love Pearl's amazing artwork.

Katrina Mortensen said...

Love this post!! You have an amazing family.

grandma to 16 said...

I think this is the greatest tradition of Grandpa Hatch!!

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