Friday, March 16, 2012

My new Wheels

We are officially part of the "minivan clan."
I have never loved driving anything more than my Kia Sedona.
Plus, I like saying Kia Sedona. It's fun.

I know full well that minivans are not "hip" by any means--
but I don't care!!
I slide that door open, and kids pile right in.
It glides around town as smooth as a rocket ship--
and stops, and turns on a dime.
It has five seats in the back--
and I fully intend to fill them up with little Jewkes'
{with one guest seat of course.}

And as of right now, I can pick up any one of my friends,
 and fit all of our kids in one car
 while we go on a field trip.

Daddy Jewkes is seen here demonstrating the ease
that this dream on wheels brings.
Men who drive minivans full of kids are HOT!
Pearl cried when she thought we had to give it back.
I told her we were lucky enough to call it our own,
and that we would drive it until it doesn't drive anymore.
Then she cried at the thought that it will one day stop working.

So needless to say, she likes it a lot.

So here's the photograph of me with Matt,
our favorite salesman.
but before you see it--
you should know that YES!
I do know that we are standing awkwardly close
and Okay! Jenny, you are right-- we do look like we
"are going on a date."
And! what in the dang did Mason mean
when he saw the picture and said
"that poor man." ???

So with that--
here's the picture.
Two things:
1.- It IS a bit of optical illusion because I'm leaning on the hood of the van,
and he's standing in front of me with his arm behind his back-- And!
2.- Did you ever think maybe I was just excited about my new ride?

We picked our van up in North Ogden-- 
which was very far north, and much to the east.

As we headed home, the Horton's--
 who have enjoyed driving a Chevy Venture in their day...
offered to buy us a celebratory meal at the Brick Oven.
It was enjoyed by all,  
and finished off with a double-chocolate-chip-cookie-sundae.
With a cherry on top.


the Horton Hurricane said...

I asked Mason and he said "mom it's not everyday that man gets asked to take a picture with a customer" to a teenager that's embarrassing lol. But yes I'm right it does look like a first date. I love your van it almost makes me want another one. Let's plan a lunch so I can take a ride and watch you in action. Now both of my brothers drive mini vans wow. Loves

grandma to 16 said...

Loved your post!!! I know, I know..........minivans are the best friend a parent has!!(smile)

your family will enjoy this so much~~

I love the "washable" leather seats~~

Cathy Bubert said...

Love your new "ride" and really love your fun post and all of the adorable photos! XOXO

Kent said...

Congrats on the new ride. Mini-vans make much more sense then people want to admit. It is a pride issue for some reason. The only reason we have the Tahoe is to tow stuff (and cause we got the deal of the century). If we didn't, we probably would be in the mini-van arena ourselves. Congrats!

p.s. I am glad to see that Kelly still wears his Intermountain Homecare shirt proudly!

Daphne Michaels said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ivo Beutler said...

It’s good that the kids love it! It’s important that they don’t get stressed out while riding a vehicle. By the way, nice choice of color! Black cars exude a classic and clean appearance, and it allows the car to stay in style and ageless, even after its best years have come and gone.

Ivo Beutler

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