Monday, March 5, 2012

A girl with a gap in her smile

Well I have a little girl with a missing tooth.
She bumped her two front teeth about six months ago,
 and they've been wiggly ever since.
It took it's sweet time-- but that cute little tooth wiggled it's way right out.

Last night I had just taken this picture of Pearl and Violet on their Daddy's lap.
They were climbing all over him, and Pearl sat up and made a really nervous face.
I asked her what happened, and she didn't answer, her eyes just got wider.
I asked her if her tooth fell out, and she opened her mouth to talk,
 and I saw that cute little gap.
We looked to find that her tooth was resting on Kelly's chest.

It freaked her out pretty bad, 
and she cried and told me she didn't like loosing her tooth,
and that loosing your tooth is scary.
It was about 10 minutes before she agreed to look at herself in the mirror.
She looked in the mirror and shook her head, all teary.
 "I don't like it Mom." but the longer she looked the more she liked it--
until she loved it! and told me about all of the people she couldn't wait to show.
 She called Gram, and told her the news.
Then she called Nana, and this was the end of the conversation I heard:
"Nana, you'll never believe it! {pause} I lost my first tooth!
I was playing with Daddy, and I didn't know what happened,
and Mommy said, Pearl you look so cute-- you lost your tooth!"

She loved that little tooth, and didn't want the tooth fairy to take it.
So I helped her write a letter, asking to keep it.
 We made a little tooth box out of a tiny match box wrapped in pink paper.
She tucked it under her pillow, 
and told me that she worried the tooth fairy wouldn't find her tooth.
I explained how the tooth fairy holds her wand out,
 and it flies her straight to the tooth.
 Well the tooth fairy found her,
and she told me that it was kind of a big deal to be Pearl's tooth fairy.
I mean-- it's quite the coming of age!
  It broke the tooth fairy's heart a little, 
all while making her really happy.
 That's what she told me anyway.

Pearl came running out of her room this morning:
"Mom! The tooth fairy left me a letter!"
Here she is seen telling her Daddy about how she was afraid to look,
in case the tooth fairy didn't come-- but she looked,
and there was the letter and some money! 
 And just like that, I have a little girl with a gap in her smile.


Cathy Bubert said...

What a great post! Pearly Girl you look so adorable with your new smile! XOXO

the Horton Hurricane said...

Way to go Pearl we love you. You look darling with a missing tooth.

Jessica Duff said...

awww....She looks so cute & grown up! Cooper is jelous :)

grandma to 16 said...

I love that Tooth Fairy. She or He pays very very well!!! what a nice bonus to keep your tooth, Pearl!!

darling, priceless post!!!!!

C.LEE said...

You are the cutest mom in the whole wide world. I am sure of it! Pearl is so darling.

Camille and Paul said...

So sweet. She does look adorable with a "gap in her smile."

Shell said...

Heartwarming and precious - thank you for making me feel like I was there for the entire adventure.

Love! Shell

Julie W said...

This is soo sweet, Savy wanted to keep her tooth too this last time, now to make a match box case...

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