Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One fun-filled Thursday

Last Thursday, we picked Pearl and Kelsey up from preschool,
and headed to the bowling alley.
 The very bowling alley I spent nearly every Friday night of my junior high days-- 
after eating a salad and vanilla coke at the Galaxy Diner, of course.

The girls had so much fun, and even let Violet take a few of their turns.
 Violet would have bowled the night away,
but Pearl and Kelsey were kind of over it by the middle of the third game--
which was just fine by us...
Those bumpers, along with those ball-roller-thing-a-ma-jigs
are a sure-fire way to bowling success.

Look at these two cuties.
 Maybe these two will join a league one day.

After wearing ourselves out on the bowling lanes,
We went home, and had a visit from Grandpa Jewkes--
who was in town to take Kelly to a cougars basketball game.

Pearl, Kelsey, and Violet performed a few impromptu songs for Grandpop,
and then he offered to take us to dinner.  The Pizza Factory was the obvious choice,
as the girls love those twisty breadsticks.
Grandpa didn't get much personal space throughout the meal...
 but he didn't seem to mind.

Grandpa and Kelly headed to their game,
and the girls and I finished the night off with a girls night at home.
Movie watching, nail polishing, and a sleepover to top it off.
Good day from beginning to end.


grandma to 16 said...

Looks like those cute girls had a lot of fun with bowling and dinner with Grandpa!~~

Cathy Bubert said...

What a fun day (and night)! Looks like you enjoyed a lot of favorites,

Andy and Elise said...

What I wouldn't give for a vanilla coke from Galaxy...

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