Monday, February 20, 2012

Captain CTR and Strawberry Shortcake

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.
It was a good one.

During singing time in primary--
Captain CTR came in with one fist high in the air.
Just before I taught the kids the first verse of  "Choose the Right."
We were short on time,
 so he quickly told the kids he loved to choose the right,
and then passed out CTR shields on a stick--
 so the kids could hold them up whenever they sang
the words "Choose the Right--" which in that song, was a lot...

It was awesome, and with the primary theme being "Choose the Right" this year--
I'm sure Captain CTR will be making another appearance or two.
We may need to may his eye holes bigger though...

Violet all ready for church. 
 She loves nursery, and is known to scoop 
every last baby doll in to her arms at one time.

We came home from church,
made some tortilla soup,
and headed up to Jenny's house for dinner.

Violet played with Gram's glasses and told everyone she loved them,
until she fell fast asleep

 We had a great dinner of soup, sandwiches, and pasta salad.
Then the Jazz game came on, and things got loud.

While Kel, and Cory yelled at the TV--
mini strawberry shortcakes were put together in the kitchen.
 Pearl had a few refills of the whipped cream.

Brooke, who is an incredible dancer,
taught Pearl a cute little routine which she performed.
and was followed by Brooke performing her lyrical solo
 to Adele's Make you Feel my Love.
It was so pretty.

I gave shellac manicures to Sheila and Brooke,
and Jen got her toes done.
 Notice Kel's face in the background?
lets take a closer look...
So the Jazz lost...
but the rest of the day was a big win.


Cathy Bubert said...

Captain CTR is AWESOME! Glad you had such a great Sunday :)

grandma to 16 said...

Your posts are a so fun to read!

I love that mysterious Captain CTR!

wow, what a hit it would make in any primary.........!

the Horton Hurricane said...

We had a great day love you guys

Cher said...

Kel you are so awesome!

Kent said...

Captain CTR is awesome, but he definitely has some wonk eyes going on. Also, he apparently has not watched "The Incredibles" or he would know "NO CAPES!" :) Seriously though, awesome idea, I am sure all the primary kids loved it.

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