Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Rundown

My weekend started off with finding a new favorite place to eat.
I love when that happens.
I went to Fuji Sushi with the primary presidency,
 to celebrate Etsuko's birthday.
Kathy, Me, Estuko
Cindy & Marcia

We pretty much all got the teriyaki salmon bento box,
 and man, it was good.
We talked about politics in the school drama programs,
and the amazing healing powers of essential oils--
Etsuko swears by them.

Later that evening,
we dropped these little stinkers off at Gram's
for a night of coloring, and movie watching.
Then we headed to the movies for a double date with Jen and Cory.
We got there first--
which doesn't happen often...
Kelly got bored, and started doing weird things,
so naturally, I had to document.
I had my frozen junior mints,
so I was good to go.
The Horton's arrived in matching eye-wear,
and Jen sang a song about Tiny Tim the Turtle,
while Cory ordered her quesadilla.
 We saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.
It was great. 
What made it even better was Cory and Jen.
They are just like a bowl full of fun.

Let's see... 
Saturday, saturday.
Yeah, Saturday wasn't so fun.

Pearl was burning up with a fever,
and once again had a terrible sore throat with great big tonsils.
It always happens on a Saturday, I tell you.
When insta-care is the only option.

Pearl wasn't too happy about going,
but she did it anyway.
Here she is seen making fish faces at a fish,
and I actually caught a smile between tears.
 They called her back,
and it seemed to be going just fine.
That was until they did the strep test, 
and she kicked and screamed and then some.
It was rough on everyone involved.
 She got a lollipop and some stickers out of it,
which can do wonders for one very upset four year old.

So after all of that-- viral infection !
Is it sad that I wish for something that requires an antibiotic?
strep! ear infection! tonsillitis!
At least when it's one of those, you know they'll feel better soon.
I took her to get an icy treat for her throat, and then
we got her all motrin-ed up and off to bed.

Sunday was good for the soul.
Great Sacrament meeting, with talks given by the Bishopric.
This year they want to focus on getting back to the basics.
The primary kids are doing great with the new song we're learning.
Violet loves nursery, and that is great news for all.
The good thing about 9:00am church is that everyone comes home and takes a nap.

We then woke up and had a special visit from Johnny & Sam.
Johnny is what you would call a hands on Uncle.
He's a lot of fun, and just what the Dr. ordered 
for a little Pearl who wasn't herself.
Plus, your heart would melt to see Violet
 running down the hall saying "Nonny! Nonny!"
So it was definitely one of those weekends that went from good,
to bad, to good again.


Cher said...

I know what you mean about the viral diagnosis. I somehow feel defeated too. I hope that Pearl gets feeling better soon.

grandma to 16 said...

I think those viral infections love to get caught in the tonsils!!! glad she's feeling better!!

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