Friday, January 27, 2012

Pearl's New Look

 Pearl's glasses came on Wednesday.
Aunt Jen had the girls while I was at work,
 so Pearl had to wait very patiently for me to bring them to her.
They were the perfect fit for her tiny face.
When she first looked at herself in the mirror,
she started to tear up. Happy tears.
Which made me and Jen emotional too.
It's like she's really seeing now for the first time.
Since I ordered her glasses online, we went to her eye Dr. today
 to make sure the lens prescription was correct.
While we were waiting for the lady to check them out--
Pearl pulled her fake flat iron out of her purse,
 {which she insists on carrying now to hold her glasses case}
and proceeded to fake curl her locks.
I kid you not.
And I even got a picture.
Well that was that--
and then the eyeglass lady came out with good news...
the glasses were perfect!
After a little adjusting of the frames,
we were good to go.

We came home, and ate some of Kel's delicious Mickey Mouse pancakes.
Things taste better when they're cute

Then we had to have a little photo shoot.
 I mean, talk about getting a whole new look.
And this girl makes it look goooood.
She is so stinkin' cute in them, and she wore them all day long.
I'm a proud Mama.
Here's to seeing!

p.s. the website we ordered 
her glasses from was Zenni Optical
Their glasses are cute and affordable.


the Horton Hurricane said...

Pearl you look so great in your glasses, it's like they were made just for you! I hope you will always remember the day you looked through your new glasses and could see everything. I love you

grandma to 16 said...

It's so wonderful that she is seeing her world so much clearer!!

darling frames~~good choice, mom!

Pearl, you are tooooooo cute for words!

I'm looking for some pink ones myself~~

Jessica Duff said...

Pearl is just too cute! Love her!

CC said...

LOVE the frames! Love the girl!

Cher said...

So Cute!!

Mike and Brit Harris said...

She looks soooooo stinin' CUTE!!!

Shell said...

Thank you for sharing this priceless experience Stace and Pearl! My heart is full of love for you both :) xo

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