Monday, January 16, 2012


From now on--
our little Pearl's pretty brown eyes will be looking at the world
 through a pair of square-framed, pink glasses.
Until of course she's sick of the pink, and goes with another color,
or someday-- maybe even contacts.

Bottom line is-- her vision, especially in the left eye is not so good.

She had an appointment with the eye doctor last week,
and my heart sank when she couldn't see the letters that were
 a good three inches tall.
I had noticed that when Pearl was tired,
 or trying to concentrate on something--
she'd cross her left eye over.
She was also getting headaches occasionally.
I talked to Kelly about taking her to get her eyes checked,
but I hadn't been super eager about getting her in, 
since it was so rare that it happened.

Our last trip to California, my Mom mentioned Pearl's eye crossing,
which kind of jolted me back into making the appointment.
The Dr. said that she was crossing her eye over to try to get her eye to focus better,
but what happened is that crossing her eye caused her brain to 
shut down development to her left eye.
So she started out with slightly poor vision in both eyes,
 and now it's dramatically worse in the left eye.

The Doc said that when she wears glasses,
the glasses will do the focusing for her,
 so she won't have to cross her eye over to see.
He said that there is a chance that doing this will reverse the damage,
and allow her brain to continue developing a better connection to her left eye.

I understand that the vision in her right eye isn't perfect--
but she was able to see pretty small letters with that eye.
So what we're hoping for, and praying for--
is to get her left eye back up to that level.

It makes me sad to think that everything she sees is blurry!
I know that she doesn't know anything different,
but I can't wait for her to have a nice crisp view of the world.

We set out to find the perfect pair of glasses.
One thing she knew for sure...
they had to be 
We went to a few different optical centers,
and ended up at Costco.
Pearl walked right up to this pair,
put them on, and said
"okay Mom, let's buy these and go."
Unfortunately they were too big for her tiny face,
and she wasn't digging the small, round metal frames--
not even the pink ones!

The day was pretty much over,
so we decided we'd keep looking in the morning.

I wanted to treat Pearl for surviving the appointment.
Let's just say the pupil dilating eye drops weren't easy on anyone...

She had her pick for a dinner date with me.
Anywhere she wanted to go... she went with Wingers.
She ordered the mac and cheese,
and we ate popcorn, and played tic-tac-toe while we waited.

We came home from dinner and I read reviews on online optical centers.
From what I read, Zenni Optical had the best reviews, plus--
we found the perfect glasses, that were small enough,
plastic frames, and fuchsia!
The other great thing is that they were really inexpensive.
We'll take them in somewhere when they get here in a couple of weeks.
Then we can be sure the prescription is right, and they fit well.

I am happy that Pearl is okay with this big change in her life.
I worried that it would be hard on her.
Then I found this picture.
Pearl's first self-portrait of her new look.

She looks pretty happy to me.
I love my easy-going Pearly girl.
She makes me so proud.


Cathy Bubert said...

Pearl - can't wait to see you in your new glasses (post a photo soon). I love your drawing, you are such a great artist! xoxo

the Horton Hurricane said...

Today at the movie theater with Pearl before the movie started I pulled out my glasses so that I could see the movie better and I showed Pearl my glasses and she smiled and I said maybe next time I will get pink ones also. I love you so much Pearl

CC said...

Kate was about 7 or 8 when she got her first pair of glasses. I about cried when we were driving home and she said "Mom, LOOK! The trees have leaves!" She had always seen just a big green blur. She didn't know the individual leaves could be seen from a distance.

Pearl will be adorable with glasses. Can't wait to see her!

grandma to 16 said...

I'm going to get some new glasses too.....Pink sounds great to me!!!

I'm so excited for her to see a "clearer world".....what a cutie! Her art could win awards!!

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

Okay! That is the cutest self portrait ever! Kids take their cues from their parents. If you love and talk positively about it (all the time even when you don't think she is listening) then she will too!

Cher said...

Wow she is quite the artist! Both Kaylee and TJ at 5 years old have faked haveing bad eye sight so that they could get glasses. They are a little jealous of Pearly Girl.

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