Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter Showcase - 2011

Pearl danced her little heart out on the big stage.
One of the girls named Jersey was supposed to walk down the line of girls,
and tap them on the head while each of them made one pretty turn in place.
Well, Jersey froze with fear, and she got off to a very late start.
It was so funny to see the girls adamant about not going on with the dance 
until they were spun around.  Except for Piper--
 who was doing her Hark the Herald angel arms,
while she was being tapped on the head.
Pearl has always turned at least three times every practice,
but she cut it down to two on the stage.
She has the sweetest little chasse into an arabesque you've ever seen.
We got a wave from our little ballerina, which made her forget where she was 
in her dance-- so she just did one tendu after another,
with carefully pointed toes.  When all else fails, tendu.
She got back on track for the hand holding, spinning circle,
and the girls ended their dance kneeling down, with arms above their heads.
It was so adorable, and seriously a proud parent moment for me.
Violet sat so still and quiet, watching all of the dancers.
You could tell she wanted to be up there too.
We have the best family, who came to watch Pearl.
She is one very loved little girl.

Pearl was showered with flowers,
a snow globe from Gram-- in fact it was the snowglobe from Gram ;)
and she even got to see Santa Claus.
Then Gram treated us to Chuck-a-rama,
where we had our fair share of scones with honey butter,
and huckleberry jam.
It was a really great day, and Pearl is already asking when she can dance on the stage again.
I think we have a little performer on our hands...


Cristyannie said...

We LOVED watching Pearl! What a beautiful dancer! :) Can't wait until May!

Cathy Bubert said...

I get the giggles everytime I watch this video. Thanks for a great blog post. Pearl is sooooo adorable!

the Horton Hurricane said...

she really was so great at her dance, no fear at all this little one was born to dance! We loved watching you Pearl and Brookey is very proud as am I. Way to go little sweetie keep pointing those toes.

grandma to 16 said...

priceless footage!!!!

Her beautiful smile matched her beautiful spirit!

Amanda said...

Whar an adorable ballerina! Good job Pearl!

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