Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Trimmed Tree

 Decorating the Christmas tree has to be one of my favorite traditions of the season.
We had Pandora set to Michael Buble's Holiday station.
It was the perfect station for the occasion.
Kelly danced with Violet while singing "The Christmas Song"
In his best Frank Sinatra voice, which is actually pretty darn good.

Pearl, as always takes the decorating of the tree very seriously.
Violet loved adding her own touch to the tree-- but not before studying,
 and poking and more than likely licking each ornament that went on...

We gotta have Kel for those hard to reach branches--
and especially those tippy-top branches.
He is our family's official tree topper.
I love all of the ornaments.
It's a very happy tree.

Do you think Pearl is happy with her handy-work?


grandma to 16 said...

Beautiful pictures! Violet's little look of wonder as she looks at the star ornament says it all!!!

Cathy Bubert said...


the Horton Hurricane said...

your tree is so sparkly, 10 more days :)

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