Thursday, December 29, 2011

Today you are sixteen

Little miss Mari, my beautiful sister.
How did I get so lucky to have a sister as creative, and talented, and spunky as you?
Do you remember when we took these pictures a year and a half ago?
We had so much fun, and laughed so hard-- like always.
I came home and uploaded the photos to my computer and thought--
"Holy cow! my baby sister is a knockout!" 

I always knew you were beautiful, and thoughtful, and bright...
but I am so proud of the young woman that you have become.
When I see this picture of you, it gives me a little twinge in my heart.
It makes me remember how much I missed you.
This picture was taken in Guatemala when Dad made a trip out to visit you.
He also brought home a video he had made of you that we watched over and over,
and couldn't wait until we could have you home with us.
It would be a total of three years that we waited for the process to go through.
Mom was so good about sending you care packages of clothes, and stickers,
and pictures of us, so you could get to know us.
We also watched you grow up through pictures from the ages of one to four.
I remember coming to the airport to pick you up so well.
You were so adorable in your leopard print jacket.
This is one of my most favorite memories.

You spoke the most beautiful Spanish.
Your prayers were long and so full of gratitude.
You were hesitant at first to eat the food in the pantry,
not knowing who's it was.
Mom finally sat you down and told you that it was for the whole family,
and you were welcome to have as much as you wanted.
You would grab bags of food, and in all seriousness tell me:
"This if for the whole family."
In Spanish of course.
Everyday I couldn't wait to get home and make you and Ben hangout with me.
You always loved to dance, and drive around in my car with me
while we sang really loud.

You and Ben were the perfect little pair.
My life couldn't possibly be as happy without the two of you in it.

I love you Mari, and can't wait to see the great things you do with your life.
Happy Birthday!!

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Cathy Bubert said...

What a great post and birthday tribute to an amazing 16 year old! We are blessed to have Mari in our family!!!!

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