Monday, December 19, 2011

Sick for Christmas? and Ben stops by.

We are sick up in here.
sore throats, colds, achiness, and fevers.
We missed our ward Christmas party Saturday, and church yesterday,
and it looks like Pearl won't be going to dance tomorrow--
which is especially sad because every one of her prayers includes:
"Please bless me to be able to go to ballet... and tap."
She is super dramatic about being sick, and lets out great big sighs.
Then today she said:
P: "Mom, I can't do this anymore."
Me: "Can't do what?"
P: "I just can't be sick right now."
I agree with ya there Pearly girl.
The week of Christmas is a pretty inconvenient week to be sick.
At least we know our mugs of hot chocolate and 
endless stream of Christmas movies are there for us.

On a happy note...
Look at my brother Ben and his beautiful date Kinzie.
Kinzie and Ben have known each other a long time,
and Kinzie asked Ben to Bountiful High's Christmas dance.
 Like a true gentleman-- he flew in from California to take her.
They are both just so darn good looking,
and Kinzie proves that modest truly is the hottest.
I love her dress.

She had already gone home before we took any pictures,
so we made her turn around so we could see these cuties together,
and embarrass the heck out of Ben.

I was so glad for an excuse to see my little brother,
and Pearl pretty much thinks he flew in to watch her dance...

1 comment:

Cathy Bubert said...

Get better soon!!!! xoxo Nana

P.S. Ben and Kinzie are so cute!

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