Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Music to my ears.

Everybody who knows Violet knows that
"Ya-vee" has always meant "I love you" in Violet language.
The phrase is very charming, and at times-- hard to come by.
It has always been said only when prompted,
and even then-- you'll only hear it if she feels like saying it.

That is what made it all the more endearing today,
when I was mid-walk across the kitchen.
She looked right at me and said:
 "I yaaa yoooou." drawn out long, and clear as a bell. 
She sat perched on a bar stool next to Kelly.
and there she stopped me-- frozen in my tracks.
Me: "Did you just hear that?!"
"I did!" Said her proud Pops.
Me: "She told me she loves me, without being forced!"

She told me she loved me just because she felt like it.
If I even tried to explain how happy it made me--
my words would just fail.

How I love this perfectly stubborn little girl of mine.

1 comment:

Cathy Bubert said...

Violet, you are so adorable! Those are the best words ever! xoxo, Nana

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