Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Kel's Mom got us ticket's to the Tabernacle Choir's Christmas show.
 we went with Kel's sister Amy and her husband Austin.
 After a frightening experience in parking--
which involved a very un-merry lady sneaking into our parallel spot
by pulling forward while we were backing into it...
Then Kel got out of the car and very nicely said:
"hey, we were here first, is it okay if we park here?"
with a funny little "diffuse the tension" chuckle.
and the un-merry lady said, "No I was here first."
 as she was darting her car in and out.
to which Kelly said, and now not quite as nicely:
 "You can't parallel park nose first."
and then Austin stayed parked slightly in her way,
while we watched her inch forward and back,
forward and back, about 13 times.
It was super-duper awkward.

Then we found a new parking spot.

We had planned on eating before seeing the show,
but what, with the whole parking situation, we were out of time.
The line was out the door for our first choice, the Nauvoo Cafe,
so we walked to the Blue Lemon on the way to the conference center.
With a major time limit, we got ourselves fizzy drinks 
and delicious pastries and ate while we walked.
 I want to go back again when we have more time.
It was a cute place, and the food was great.

We, along with a bazillion other people made our way into the conference center.
They have the most incredible artwork, and escalators that go on for days.
It was so nice to be in our seats in such a beautiful, and peaceful place after a hectic arrival. 
It was decorated so beautifully.  I loved the decorated Christmas trees around the stage.
Jane Seymour, and Nathan Gunn were the perfoming guests of the evening.
It was truly incredible.  My favorite part was when Nathan performed 
"The Night Before Christmas" set to music.
It had to have been over ten minutes long.
It felt magical.  
It was a great way to jump into the Christmas spirit.


the Horton Hurricane said...

awww I love this to feel the spirit that strong just makes your Christmas! the parking story I read it to Jill and we laughed our heads off lol :)

Cathy Bubert said...

I can't wait to hear or see the Christmas Concert - it sounds great!

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