Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bracing for it.

Last Wednesday night we were hit with a major wind storm.
The winds reached 102 mph in parts of Davis County.
The house sounded like we were rocking in an old creaky ship,
with storms a raging outside of the windows.
It sounded like the glass was going to blow in.
I looked out the window to see the cushions of the lawn chairs
 blowing straight up into the air. 
It was almost like they took on a human characteristic,
hanging on for dear life.
by morning, all of the chairs were blown into a pile--
as far as they could go before the fence stopped them.
We also had one tree that couldn't stand up to the wind.
I think we were really lucky.
Our power went out Thursday morning around 6:30am.
I was in the kitchen, and I watched the lights take a couple of big blinks,
and then they were out.  They stayed out for 36 hours.
Our house got cold, and as the day went on, it got dark.

Sheila took us out to Litza's Pizza for a nice hot dinner.
 Then we crashed at Kelly's Dad's super swanky condo in Salt Lake.
We brought the Smith's along with us, and Shelly had a sleepover at our aunt's house.
With everyone safe and accounted for,
we were able to relax and watch movies in a nice warm place.

Another wind storm is on it's way as I type this.
They are predicting that they will reach 70mph.
Church was cancelled today while the community pulled together 
to clean up all of the debris, to avoid dangerous flying objects.
It was great to see everyone coming together.
The parking lot at Bountiful high was made into a makeshift dump for
all of the trees, and branches.
 {photos from ksl and deseret news}

We did have sacrament meeting tonight at 4:00.
There was definitely that calm before the storm feeling in the air.
I know that compared to other natural disasters that happen around the world--
 this ordeal is very small...
but today I sat in the chapel
 as our Bishop offered advice and encouragement--
and I looked around to see all of the faces that are dear to me,
and the men who had spent the day out in the cold,
helping their neighbors prepare for the next storm to come-- 
and realized how much love our ward family has for one another.
I felt really blessed.
Our flashlights have fresh batteries,
the heat has been blasting through the house to keep us warm as long as possible--
and I'm off to bake banana bread muffins.
We'll see if this storm is as bad as they're saying...


Cher said...

Wow what a cool thing for the community to pull together like that. Jenny told me about those winds and I couldn't believe it!

Cathy Bubert said...

I'm so grateful you all survived and that the second storm wasn't as bad as predicted. W.B. is a great community :)

grandma to 16 said...

I'm so glad the second storm didn't turn out to be as bad!! When I drove to work it was so sad to see all the trees uprooted.

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