Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween - 2011

I love this picture so much.
It is "Pearl and Violet" in a nutshell.

Violet took off running the second after I snapped it--
and Pearl chased after her.
Which is also pretty typical "Pearl and Violet."
Pearl has talked about being Princess Aurora
 for months and months now--
but then decided we should call her
Sleeping Beauty last minute.
It was the first Halloween I didn't have 
any say in her costume...
and although I've always loved coming up with costume ideas--
It was so fun to watch Pearl transform into
 exactly who she wanted to be for Halloween.
She was beautiful and graceful, just like a real princess.
Then there was Violet, who is just my little bug-a-boo,
so naturally a ladybug was the perfect choice.
It may also have something to do with the fact that I was a ladybug 
for Halloween when I was little, 
and I love making my girls do things I did when I was young.

But really...
what a glorious little ladybug she makes.
A glorious little ladybug who doesn't like to sit still...
not even for a second...

I wasn't really anything...
I just wanted to wear clown-ish makeup and a pink wig.
 Kel's sister Amy gave him the "Hey ladies, don't fear the beard"
shirt for his birthday.
All he needed was a sweatband, and some shades to copy the look--
So that's what he did, and a costume was born.

We pretty much have Halloween down to a science now...
Go to the Boswell's for hot dogs, and a bounce house
 {can you spot the un-invited guests!? spooky!}

See friends who may or may not be embarrassed by their husband's costume...
 {p.s. Mandi, Wyatt makes a darling cow, and I can't wait to meet baby girl Buck ;)}

Violet  has to scowl at the Hallo-weenie-ers.
 I Prove that I don't "fear the beard."

Then it's off to Amy's for warm soup, rolls, and pumpkin squares.

Our group of trick-or-treaters is dwindling down fast!
All we have left are the littles,
who's friends aren't the priority quite yet...
but I know it's bound to happen.
As per tradition, the Dad's led the girls on their candy seeking mission.
Austin has this thing figured out--
No Sunday shoes are allowed.
"There was one Halloween I had to carry two girls home!"
Also, "everyone wears a coat."
He doesn't care if those sleeves under your
 flapper dress {Katelyn} ruin the effect or not--
Everybody's staying warm!
And last but not least...
The pumpkin buckets are the worst!
"They swing back and forth when the girls run like this
 {insert Austin's imitation of little girls running that will ALWAYS make me
 laugh when I think of it, and I won't soon-- if ever-- forget..} 
and the candy dumps right out."
Well they took the pumpkin buckets anyway--
and whatta ya know...
Austin was trailing behind picking up all of Kate's dumped candy.

Violet wanted to go bad,
but her lips were still purple from the Hallo-weenie party
so I made her stay with me Gram, and Amy.
  I would say she had just as much fun as the other kids did...
 giving candy to cowboys,

playing with the Queen of Hearts septor--
and cuddling up to "Gram the Beautiful and Good Witch,"
 Oh, and she also ate about three pumpkin squares all by herself.

The trick-or-treaters trekked long and hard,
and the dresses came off as soon as they walked through the door.
 Plastic pumpkins were dumped across the floor,
and the goods were assessed.

Then Halloween was over just as fast as it came.


grandma to 16 said...

Reliving the memories with your blogs, Stacey are the BEST!!!

all had a great time~

Cathy Bubert said...

A perfect post for a perfect Halloween! Everyone looks so cute!

Tia Langston said...

Your little trick-or-treaters are seriously cute!!!

Cameron and Rachel Bott said...

Such cute photos. I haven't been blogging for so long. Sorry I have missed so many wonderful posts. I miss you though. Please be my friend. Monday... Seriously!

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