Friday, November 11, 2011


My Grandma June passed away when I was six years old.
When she knew she was dying, she told my Mom she worried
 her Grandchildren wouldn't remember her.
I remember my Mom telling me this as we were
backing out of  my Grandparents driveway days before she passed away.
I knew I would never forget her-- and to be honest with you,
 there are few days that pass that I don't think of her, or feel her near.
In the shorts years we had with her, 
she filled us with a whole-hearted  love, that would last a lifetime.

Her favorite time was 11:11.
She would say "make a wish!" whenever that time struck.
We'd close our eyes and think of the most significant thing
 our hearts could desire. {Mine was always a horse...}
I gave up on the horse wishing, but the tradition stuck.
The thing I find so interesting is how often I happen to look at the clock,
just at the right moment.  It's almost like Grandma is saying hello.
Growing up I always made a wish.
Sometimes I still do...
but sometimes I say in my head "I love you Grandma,"
and sometimes I think to myself what I would tell her if she was here. 

Today I wondered if some big, exciting event 
would happen on 11/11/11. 
I went to work, and did ten haircuts in four hours.
It was super busy, but the most exciting thing that happened was when a
 darling little six year old girl said to me:
"Could you please try your very best not to cut my neck."
Holy Moly it was funny, and no necks were cut...

Tonight we were getting the girls ready to take to Gram's
while Kel and I went on a date.
As is our little routine-- each girl stands on the stool 
in the bathroom to have their hair done.
One right after the other.
Pearl was first.  She was happy, and excited to see Gram.
I finished up her hair and sent her on her way.
I looked in the doorway to see my little Violet
 clad in her fuchsia puffy jacket with jeggings and pink rain-boots.
I said "is it Violet's turn?" She gave me a "eh" and a quick head nod--
which means yes.  My heart wanted to burst at the seams.
What could be more "epic" or significant in my life 
than exactly what I'm doing right now?
I scooped up my little eighteen-monther,
 and kissed her cheeks until she said "dop"
I pulled her hair into one little fountain-top piggy in the middle of her head.
She smiled at herself, and gave me another head nodding "eh"
when I asked her if she liked it. 
 I patted her little bum and told her to go show Daddy.
She tromped out of there in her clunky boots and made her way to Kelly.

I want to freeze my life as it is now on 11/11/11.

When my girls played so well today-- hiding under the blankets,
laughing and squealing with happiness.
When Pearl begs to come everywhere with me-- and I love it.
I love having her as my little sidekick, and I never want that to change
When Violet wants to sing "happy birthday" over and over again.
When my husband took me out to dinner and our conversations 
spilled over into the car ride home and beyond.
When I have the best family and friends a girl could ask for.
They've always been there for me.
When I think of how blessed I am to live in this Country,
and for the freedoms that have been given to us at an insurmountable cost.

I love my life.  Just as it is.  It isn't perfect.  I don't think anybody's life is--
but there is nothing I would rather be doing with my life
 than raising my own little family,
with my best friend, who I will always love.
I know that the role of being a wife and a mother is divine, and I don't take it lightly.

So tonight when the clock struck 11:11 on 11/11/11--
fireworks didn't fill the sky, and time didn't freeze as I would have liked...
but I closed my eyes tight and thought of good things I want for my family.
I told my Grandma I love her and miss her,
 and a stream of worthy wishes flashed through my mind.
Hey, this only happens every 100 years.
I figured I could make more than one.


Cathy Bubert said...


CC said...

You are AMAZING!!!

grandma to 16 said...

I love the fact that you love mothering and my wonderful funny bearded son!

Memories flood over me as you describe a day in the life of.....I also remember taking my brood to the park on a windswept autumn day, watching them swing as the leaves swirled around and I thought to myself - nothing is as perfect as this moment!

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