Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cheryl's Gardens

There is the cutest little garden shop called Cheryl's Gardens,
 right in the middle of fifth south in Bountiful.
Cheryl revamps the whole thing according to season and Holiday.
I've always wanted to check it out,
so we decided to go there to pick out our pumpkins this year.
 There was so much to see.
It felt like we were in our own Halloween heaven.
She had the most incredible decorations for sale.
I love the creepy butler.

Violet was asleep before she laid eyes on a single pumpkin.
Kelly ended up taking her back to the car to sleep
 while Pearl and I explored some more.
She loved  sticking her head through all of the cutouts, 
and seeing how she measured up to the big pumpkin.
 They had a full-size Teepee that I couldn't pull her out of.
She had so many questions...
"Where are the Indian's beds?"
"How do they get food if they don't have a kitchen?"

Maybe she is feeling a tie to her roots--
after all, she is 1/32 Shasta Indian on her Dad's side.
 She takes pumpkin choosing very seriously.
She left no pumpkin un-considered.
 We went home with four perfectly picked pumpkins.
Cheryl told us to come back for Christmas...
we most definitely will.


Cathy Bubert said...

I've always loved that little garden center! Glad you had fun :)

grandma to 16 said...

Best pumpkin patch I've ever seen!!!

Way to go little Pearl - Those teepees are pretty neat! That's part of "our people"! (smile)

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