Monday, October 17, 2011

This and That

Yesterday was our primary program.
We didn't have a single kid with stage fright.
Every single one said their parts, and they all sang their hearts out.
I am one proud primary chorister :)
{Pearl on Saturday, after the primary program practice.}

Pearl delivered her part right into the mic:
"Heavenly Father planted (and by planted, she means planned) 
for me to go to the temple."
She was so cute up there with the sunbeams on their riser.
She swirled her little arm through the air as though
 she was the one leading the music.
The kids worked so hard for today,
and it paid off.  They were wonderful.

For the next week we'll be able to imagine what it would be like
 to have a little boy in the mix.
Cooper is the temporary addition to our family while his family
 is cruising around the Caribbean.
We get to keep him for a whole week, and if you can't tell...
 We're excited!

Tune in to hear more about Violet's first haircut--
and how I wasn't the one that gave it to her...


grandma to 16 said...

Pearl delivered right on cute!! (see mom, you didn't have to worry!, smile.....)

Stacey, your hard work of teaching those precious little children songs of the Savior paid off!! It was a beautiful program~~

Cathy Bubert said...

I'm so glad your talent for music is blessing the adorable Primary kids to know and love their Savior. I think you have the most important calling in the Church! Pearl and Violet are so cute and it looks like Cooper fits right in :)

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