Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sweet Bread with Gram

{Violet loves her Grammy}
 Gram took us to the Pizza Factory for family night.
I had to document Pearl and Grammy's
 fool-proof method of washing up.
I think it's genius.

Then it was onto the cinnamon-sugar bread twists.
Pretty much the reason for our visit.
Pearl said "Mom, I wanna go see if they have the
 sweet bread in there with Grandma."
 Well obviously they did, you little trickster :)

Something you should know about the bread-twists:
they now serve them with a sweet cream frosting,
which was noted by Grandma to taste 
just like a bowl of vanilla ice-cream.

This is good and bad. 

Good because-- well, who wouldn't want to dip 
a cinnamon-sugar bread-twist into vanilla ice-cream?
And bad because-- well, the bread-twist that was once good enough on it's own,
will never be good enough again... without the sweet cream frosting.

Pearl just went right ahead and polished that thang off.

Violet is a dipper.
She loves dipping everything--
but when it comes to that sweet swirly bread,
she'll take it dipped or not. 
 Cinnamon-sugar kisses are the best.


Cathy Bubert said...

We need a Pizza Factory in Long Beach - especially if it includes those sweet cinnimon sugar kisses :)

grandma to 16 said...

oh those sweet little angels!!! fun to eat with them any time!!

the Horton Hurricane said...

now I need Pizza Factory, Aunt Shelly is the one who taught me about the cream dip and I agree fab!

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