Monday, October 10, 2011

The Power of Color

I had a wonderful opportunity to attend a class given by Lynda Smith on
 the Power of color.
Lynda is my jokester of a brother-in-law, Scott's Mom,

and honestly one of the most endearing people you'll ever meet.
The class she taught was on a concept I had never heard of before--
There are four divine natures of being:
Divine Lightness- Extroverted, fresh, spontaneous, happy, upbeat
Divine Connectedness- Serene, sensitive, careful, questioning, thoughtful
Divine Sureness- Extroverted, volume, dynamic, abrupt, direct
Divine Stillness- Sophisticated, striking, clear, deliberate, authoritative, precise

These are divine qualities we are born with,
and Lynda teaches how to radiate your divine qualities with the colors,
and even textures you surround yourself with.
Each of the four divine natures has a scheme of colors that illuminate your face,
and compliments and accentuates the divine qualities you posses.
Then on the other spectrum of that--
there are colors that will make you look drab and dull,
and do no favors for expressing your divine gifts and talents.

Lynda has a large stack of fabrics that she would 
drape over everyone's shoulders.
It was amazing to see a person's face light up with just the right color
that corresponded to their divine nature.
Then she would drape the wrong choice of color over them,
and their face would turn dull and drab.

The most interesting thing to see was a mother and daughter
who had the exact same coloring, but different divine qualities.
They didn't have a single color swatch that lit up both of their faces.
 What I loved the most about the class, was that Lynda's whole reasoning behind 
seeking out your divine nature, gifts and talents--
is so you can embrace who you are, and appreciate the divine qualities you were born with,
as well as love and respect others for the different qualities they posses.
I walked away from the class understanding myself better,
and I love this quote by Lynda that goes right along those lines:

At the end of the meeting she offered a special promotion
for her all natural mineral makeup and skincare line,
which I've been using and loving for about six months now.

I really feel strongly about her all natural products,
and think after watching this video she posted here you will too :)

I haven't tried everything yet, but everything I have tried is fabulous.
Here are my suggestions of products that I can't live without...
I have the lipstick-- which is super concentrated color,
that is moisturizing at the same time.
I love the packaging it's in too.
I top the lipstick with the lipgloss for a bit of shine.
it comes in a convenient tube with a built in brush on the end.
The other thing I love about both the lip color and gloss,
is that they have a really great, fruity flavor.

Next up is the sweet chai scrub and and vanilla mint moisturizer.
the scrub smells so good, and gets your lips nice and smooth,
and the vanilla mint chapstick seals in the softness.
Okay, the eye makeup remover!
I usually don't bother with eye makeup remover,
and just use the same face wash on my eyes--
which is a really bad thing to do.
I causes your eyelashes to be brittle and break off.
This eye makeup remover isn't your typical oily remover.
It's in a solid form, that when using a cotton pad wipes off your eye makeup,
while leaving your delicate eye area and lashes clean, and moisturized.

The body butter! Best thing that's come into this house.
Pearl and Violet both have really sensitive skin.
We always slather them with lotion after bath time,
but the still have dry patches of skin that were irritated from the lotion.
This body butter is the first thing that has truly smoothed out their skin,
and they love that I make a swipe down each 
arm, leg, tummy, and back, and then rub it in.
I guess it's more fun that way.

Last but definitely not least is the organic facial serum.
The tiniest drop is all you need and it and absorbs quickly,
 leaving a perfectly moisturized face and neck.
I put my makeup right on top of it, and love the way it looks.
It gives your skin a beautiful healthy glow,
and.... it smells like oranges!

click on all of the pictures to take you to each product on the website,
or just browse around at:
There is also information on there about contacting Lynda
 for your own makeover and color analysis here.  

To get 10% off of your order,
enter the code: October
offer good through October 24th.


Cathy Bubert said...

That sounds awesome! I can't wait to hear more about Lynda's class.

Cher said...

I love that quote. I would love to find out what divine qualities I have what a neat experience. I may just have to check out that make up too.

Cathy Bubert said...

P.S. What a BEAUTIFUL model :)

CC said...

Can you order directly from her to save on shipping?

I think my Haitian beauties need the body butter sticks!


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