Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Review

 So yes, I do know that the Cougs suffered 
an absolutely humiliating loss to the Utes last week...
but fair-weather fans we are not.
 We headed down to Provo for a Friday night game
against UCF.  It was an exciting game to be at.
Obviously because we won--
but also because we went about winning in an action-packed
 93 yard kick-off return touchdown kind of a way.
That hasn't happened to BYU for 13 years, and man it was fun to see.
 We went down with Kel's Dad and nephew Jake--
who was happier than he looks in this picture...
that's what six days a week of football practice does to you, right Jake?
We sat behind Uncle Mike, Aunt Pauline,
and Brandon and Lindsay.
Lindsay is 15 weeks pregnant, and finding out what she's having next week.
She can't wait to prove the Chinese gender chart wrong--
Kel told her that's the medic in her...
she's finishing up her schooling to become a P.A. 

Final Score: 24-17
Final say: I like winning.
 It's a lot more fun than losing.

The highlight of my Saturday was watching the
General Relief Society broadcast with my sister Shell.
It was so uplifting and motivating.
I took a bunch of notes to look back on.
I loved all of the speakers--
but oh how I love President Utchtdorf.
He speaks to my soul.
I loved his talk about the "forget-me-nots"
and saw this free printable on pinterest and had to share.
{click here to download and print your own!}

I came home renewed and grabbed my family to get some dinner.
We went here:
Cause sometimes ya just gotta.
Plus, the girls  their strawberry milkshakes.
Sunday was nice and relaxing.
And that was it.
our weekend in a nutshell.


Cathy Bubert said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!

grandma to 16 said...

Those are the best weekends!!!

good fun and a "win"
good spirit
and good food!

Cher said...

Oh how jealous we are at the jewkes house!

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