Friday, September 16, 2011

Tiny Dancer

We signed Pearl up for dance this year,
and she was beyond excited--
and to be honest, so was I.
Dance was a huge part of my life from the time
 I was three to my junior year.
I couldn't wait for Pearl to try it out.
She has gone through phases of asking to do different things,
but dance has always been her constant wish.

 Naturally I had to take her to Pat's Dancewear on Main Street.
That's where my Mom took us when we were young,
and I couldn't wait for Pearl to feel the excitement of browsing through
 the beautiful leotards and wrap around skirts.
She literally ran up and hugged the first soft pink,
 bejeweled leotard she found.  
It was a little pricey for us,
so we aimed her towards some plainer--
but {obviously} still pink choices.

She waited patiently to try on some ballet and tap shoes,
which we got with a little extra room to spare.
We left with an even more excited girl--
if that was even possible...

Let me tell you,
the 2 day wait from the time we purchased her apparel,
to her actual dance lesson was grueling.
She asked if it was time for dance nearly every hour.

Well, the day finally came...
and I think she was a little nervous,

 but mostly excited.
 I meant to bring my camera,
but all I had was my phone.
I'll get more pictures next week.
 Look at this face--
I think she's happy!
She was a little shy going into her class,
but really warmed up once everyone was there.

 Miss Kathryn left the blinds open, so I snapped of few shots through the window.
I can't even explain the smile that was on Pearl's face the whole time.
It was pure bliss.
She came out to change from tap shoes to ballet shoes,
and I asked her how is was.
"Mom! It was so, so great!"
She said, accentuating each word with
 squatting legs, and swinging arms.  
Then she ran back down the skinny hall to studio 2,
 where they finished the class off with ballet.
I was really glad to see her love something so much,
and can see years of dance ahead of us...


grandma to 16 said...

oh, oh, oh!!!! memories are flooding back..........another generation of dancing in the Jewkes family!!! yippee.

Great turnout there, Pearl! Her little precious smile says it all!

Cathy Bubert said...

Pearl, hat a precious little dancer you are! I can't wait to see more photos and videos :) Thanks Stacey for your great blog posts - they are priceless!

Jessica Duff said...

What Fun! She is such a cutie!

samnhal said...

I miss being able to read about your adorable family. Your girls are just beautiful.

Mallorie Johns said...

I'm so glad she liked it! Miss Kathryn is a fabulous teacher! I can't wait to watch Miss Pearly Girl on stage at the recital! So happy! Hope to see you guys soon! We miss you!

love Matt and Mal

DANCE... like theres no tomorrow! :) said...

I remember getting my first pare of ballet ans tap shoes. FUN FUN stuff! I loved Pats and still do.
Cant wait to have another dancer in the family

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