Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Being fooled by a four-year-old

Pearl has had a fever since Friday.
when asked, she promised me her stomach, ears, 
and throat weren't bothering her at all.
She said the only thing that hurt was her head.
There has been a virus going around that was a 
fever and a headache, so I assumed that's what she had.

Yesterday afternoon,  Pearl's fever was gone, 
but she just wasn't herself-- and she was cranky! 
 Despite her telling me she was "all better." 
I looked in her throat to see 
bright red tonsils the size of grapes!
Dr. Sam had a patient in labor, and couldn't get us in.
So we waited for Kel to get home from work,
and made our way over to Insta-Care.
I asked Pearl why she told me her throat didn't hurt,
when it so obviously did...
"I didn't want to tell you the truth, 
because I don't want to go to the doctooor!'
she yelled out between tears.
I just can't believe that little girl stuck it out through the pain,
to avoid the Dr.--  Too smart for her own good, and mine!
  I mean, she's putting my reputation of being a 
somewhat decent mother on the line! 
What, with a neglected bright red throat and all...
 The sad part was, I think it was as bad as she imagined it would be.
They did a strep test on her, and those things are not fun.
The Dr. was sure it was strep, with a throat that looked like that. 
She ate her otter-pop, and we read books 
while we waited for the test to come back. 
 It came back as a
big fat negative!
The Dr. told us there was a virus going around 
with a fever that lasts 3 days, and a sore throat that lasts for 7.
"Only 4 more days, and you'll be good as new."
She said to Pearl with a pat on the head.

A nurse practitioner gave us a remedy for viral sore throats
 a couple of years ago, and it works wonders.
  We had to make a stop at Walgreens to stock up on our supplies.
 1/2 tsp benadryl
1/2 tsp mylanta
 every six hours.
 It scratches, and soothes, and coats all in one.
Good thing we have this concoction to get us through
those "4 more days."

p.s.  Now-- what to do about this lying to avoid consequences problem??


grandma to 16 said...

Wow!!! she's no wimp on pain to be sure! (smile)

Pearl, I'm so glad it will soon be over~those mean little bugs taking over a 4 yr old's fun summer days!!!

Cathy Bubert said...

Pearly girl - I hope you are feeling all better!

CC said...

I'd let this lesson teach it's self.
Maybe just add a touch of "If I'd know how terrible your throat felt I could've helped it feel better sooner. Too bad I didn't know. That is so sad."

And BTW, you are a FABULOUS momma!

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