Thursday, August 11, 2011

Argentina Bound

Kelly's cousin Chris just left for his mission
 to Mendoza, Argentina.

He was so excited to go,
and did a fabulous job with his farewell talk.
Most of which I listened to in the hall--
after Violet scurried onto the stage,
and squealed when Kelly pulled her off the stairs...

He read a couple of quotes that I'm going to have to get from Aunt Pauline.
I was really impressed with him.

They had a delicious lunch at their house afterward.
  The girls had a ball playing,
and Violet had fun being really loud and crazy.

The newlyweds, Brittney and Quinn seemed unfazed
by Violet's high-pitched squeals and flailing little body--
and luckily Brittney was there to rescue a bowl of chips
 before Violet yanked it off the table. 

Grandma Maughan and Grandma Jewkes.

They are good friends, and are know as
"the two Grandmas"

Grandma Jewkes has pictures of all of her 
Grandchildren on her bedroom wall.
She says she likes to look at them,
and think of, and pray for all of her "grands."

Brittany and sweet little baby Bowen.
 It was a good day with family,
and the perfect sendoff for Chris.


grandma to 16 said...

With Chris off, M&P are empty-nesters!! wow, how did that happen....I remember when they were newlyweds! Little Bowen is darling! What did Violet think of him?

Cathy Bubert said...

I love family gatherings :) BTW we need one in Long Beach soon!

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