Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kicking off the 4th with The Abbey Road Show

Our 4th of July weekend was jam packed with fun.
We started the weekend off with an appropriately patriotic breakfast.
(Which was actually not planned-- but don't you love when things just work out?)
Friday night we took the girls to Provo for the rooftop concert of
the Abbey Road Show and Sarah Sample.
It was PACKED!!
We were at the very back--
and the singers looked like ants. 
We saw a lot of awkward first dates going on...
I kept getting "the look" from Kelly. 
The look of  "are those people really going to make out right next to us?"
And other things like that.
Sarah Sample is amazing.
After she finished,
I turned around just as Nie Nie and her family
 were walking behind us.
They are even more darling in real life.
I wanted to say "Nie Nie, I love you!"
but I'm sure she gets that all the time--
and I'm sure it gets old.
It was really fun to see them nonetheless.
Pearl and Violet clapped and cheered at the end of every song.
Especially Violet.
She was loving it.
At one point, Pearl decided to lay on the ground
 in everyone's walking path.
Then she informed us she needed a potty,
and she needed it now!

We left early, but with a couple of realizations:

1. If you go, and I think you should-- go really early!
2. The college students of Provo owe cjane big time
for providing the perfect place for a great free date.
3.The rooftop concert series is awesome--
especially when they're covering Beatles Songs.


Cathy Bubert said...

Looks like fun! What a great way to spend the Holiday weekend!

grandma to 16 said...

I think both the Jewkes' girls are going to really love music!!!

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