Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spa Day and Sleepless Nights

 Yesterday Tonya and I took our girls
 to Grandpa's house for his "spa day."
Tonya cuts his nails,
and I cut his hair.
He said he felt like a shaggy dog,
so we got him all fixed up.

Jessie and baby Sammy came up to hangout,
and get slobbered on...
{sorry Jess}

Violet has had bad allergies,
and didn't get a good nap yesterday.
She fell asleep around 6:00pm--
which is a few hours earlier than her usual bedtime.

When she didn't wake up an hour or so later--
We thought she'd sleep through the night,
so we got Pearl to bed,
Then around 11:00 Kel climbed into bed.

We heard Violet stirring and stretching
 from her nice refreshing 5 hour nap...
She was in a funny mood.
We played in her room for a while,
 then got her allergy medicined, and jammied up.
Her medicine makes her sleeeeepy.
Her eyes started drooping,
and she fell right to sleep.

This video captures her so well.


grandma to 16 said...

Violet loves to give her sweet kisses to everyone!!!

what a nice nap she had! (smile)

Dignan said...

I couldn't see the video at work... said it was private. Thanks for taking her to let me sleep... first good night in a while.

Cameron and Rachel Bott said...

Soooo cute Violet! Love you.

Cathy Bubert said...

So cute - makes those sleepless nights worthwhile :)

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