Monday, June 27, 2011

lunch and cuts

Kelly's cousin MacKenzie is getting married.
She and Aunt Lori made a special road trip 
from Washington to Utah to find the perfect dress.
We met up at Cafe Rio for some lunch, 
a little talk about how Kenzie's fiance Andrew is
 head over heels for her,
and some insider info on 
So You Think You Can Dance.

If you are watching this season,
then you should know that Caitlynn Lawson 
has taken dance lessons
 at Aunt Lori's studio since she was a little girl!  
She is incredible, which says something about Aunt Lori too.
Vote for Caitlynn!
{blurry picture of: MacKenzie, Amy, Aunt Lori, Jen, and me.}

Violet helped herself to my unfinished salad.
She jabbed that fork down again, and again--
until she picked something up. 
She loved it all...
 Emma came straight from soccer with a nice tan and sore feet.

I went into work right after lunch,
and was pleasantly surprised when
 the Lindsey Family {minus Emma} walked in. 
 I cut 5 inches off of Maegan's hair 
and 12 inches off of Kate's!
 I was taking my sweet time because, well...
I never wanted them to leave.

Pretty soon my slightly annoyed nephew Jake walks in.
He {being too cool} had decided he'd rather listen to music in the car,
 than watch his sister's get their hair cut.
Poor, poor Jake.
The oldest, and only brother of four little sisters...
something tells me he'll be waiting on them all his life.


grandma to 16 said...

such a cute post!!! Mackenzie looks so happy and excited for her big day!!

Love Katie's haircut -soooooooo adorable on her!

.....and Violet will never let good food go to waste! (smile)

Cathy Bubert said...

Love the haircuts! The Lindsay family is soooo cute!

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