Monday, May 16, 2011

The Midnight Express

As you may or may not know--
We decided to travel to California by car.
It was a breeze.

Why was a twelve hour drive with two small children
{one of whom despises her carseat}
so breezy you wonder?

They slept the whole time. 
We left at 9 pm and powered through the night.
 We stopped once and woke the girls up to stretch out,
but they went right back to sleep.
We stopped a couple more times,
and they slept right through it.
Kelly sets up the GPS.

It was a beautiful drive.
Earlier in the night,
we took turns sleeping and driving,
but as the night carried on--
we had to keep each other awake.
We talked a lot, and listened to Treasure Island,
and The Secret Garden.

 It was a little strange to start driving at dusk,
and watch the sun come up.
 Pearl woke up for the last hour,
and had her backpack ready to go.
 She marched straight up to the front door,
and knocked.
Nana and Papa opened the door,
and a smiling Pearl ran right in.
We handed the girls off to my parents
 and crashed until 3 pm.
We caught up on our sleep--
they caught up with the girls.

 I would say the first family road-trip 
was a success.


Cathy Bubert said...

We loved hearing that cute little knock on the door! Thanks for making a very long road trip - we loved every minute.

Elasta-Girl said...

That sounds like Troy's kind of traveling.

grandma to 16 said...

Before the days of seatbelts, I slept in the rear window berth~loved looking at the stars! ~~Now I know why Dad drove all night, peaceful for parents while kids slept!

such cute pictures of the Jewkes Family road trip!

samnhal said...

We did this two years ago, and it was amazing heading into California, going down a big hill watching the sun rise in the review mirror. So pretty.

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