Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby Steps

It was March 22nd.
Pearl was rolling around on the floor from side to side in frustration.
"I don't want to be little anymore-- I want to be big!"

This came a day or so after she asked Kelly
 if she could have an iphone.
"not for a looooong time," he said.

I told her she'll grow up soon enough--
and much faster than I would like.

Later that night I came home from work,
and started playing on the floor with Violet.
Kelly and Pearl sat by us,
and we tried to coach Violet into
 walking back and forth to us.
We would hold her hands to get her started,
and she would plop to the ground the second we let go.
At one point, I let go of her hands,
 and she took three little steps to Kelly all on her own.

We cheered and made a big fuss over her.
She was laughing so hard she couldn't think of walking anymore.
Instead she would turn and face one of us,
and plop her giggly little body in our arms--
then stand up and do it again.

It was such a sweet little moment in time.

Here's the first video I have of her walking.
At first she would only walk if she was 
holding something in her hand ;)

This is her now.
{Wearing the skirt Pearl dressed her in.}

She is on the move non-stop.

Before you know it--
she'll be asking for an iphone...


grandma to 16 said...

I just started crying!!!!

What precious little steps - it's bittersweet, you want them to walk and yet I want them to stay little and freeze this time!!!

I don't think Violet is going to be held back at anything!So precious - darling blog, Stacey~~

highheels2flipflops said...

Stacey your kids are so adorable! I cannot get enough of little violet in that diaper waddling around. She is so stinking cute!

Juice said...

Awesome videos! Suggestion: Shoot all of your iPhone videos in landscape mode. They will be easier to work with for editing purposes and look better on a tv since they will fill more screen real estate. Cheers! Come by the Apple store again. P.S. I ordered myself a new iMac!

Cathy Bubert said...

Soooooooo adorable! Thanks for enduring many hours on the road so we could see Violet walking in person :)

the Horton Hurricane said...

so sweet I love my little Violet!!

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