Friday, April 22, 2011

Rainy Day 101

Sneak outside in the rain and pick a flower for Nana.
Sit around and ponder why, why, why it's raining.
Curl up to a good book.
 Pretend like you know how to read it.
 Give in to the calming pitter-patter on the roof--
with your prized possessions close at hand
(and out of sister's reach).
...but not before decorating the couch with stickers.
Watch the rain splash against the window.
Then stand back and enjoy the view.


grandma to 16 said...

perfectly adoreable post for Spring showers!

Everything I like to do was mentioned!

DANCE... like theres no tomorrow! :) said...

violet on teh last picture is adorbaly i lov eher big lip haha :)

Cathy Bubert said...

So sweet! I love every photo. Your blog is a treasure :)
P.S. Thanks for the flower Pearly Girly, I love it and I love you!

the Horton Hurricane said...

thanks for the tip! I love you girls

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

I am in love your pictures!

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