Monday, April 11, 2011

A Cut for a Cutie

I really love my new job.
I love kids.
I love finishing their haircut, and asking what they think.
 they smile and gasp at themselves in the mirror and say 
"I look so cute!"
Give me back that confidence.

Wouldn't it be awesome to walk around telling everyone how
 cute and smart, and good at things we are?

We had a work meeting last night.
It was nice to get to know the other girls better,
and talk about the quality service that's expected from everyone.
We went to Scoopology afterwards for ice cream.
We all got the Cookie Crumbler.
Run-- don't walk. 
You must have one!

I called Kelly on my way home
 and told him in perfect detail about my
 scoop of cake batter ice cream,
with a warm sugar cookie stuffed with 
circus animal cookies on top.

By the jealous tone in his voice, 
it was like he basically said
"Stop talking-- and start driving back to get me one."
So I did.
And he loooooooved it.
It had gone from a dry to a snowy day just like that.
Luckily Kel left his coat in the back seat of the car.

Pearl has been needing her hair cut for a long time.
How does that saying go about how the shoemaker's children
always have holes in their shoes?
Well anyway--
Pearl really needed a haircut.
She was so excited to come in and pick out a movie,
and sit in the airplane.
Although, had the pink car been available--
I'm sure she would have chosen that instead.

I washed her hair in the sink--
she loved it so much, she couldn't stop laughing.
 She sat really still, and enjoyed every step of it.
 I thought she might flip out if i cut it short--
since Tangled is her favorite movie,
and since seeing it, she's wanted long, golden, magical hair.
She told me we could go short,
and now says she never wants long hair again.
 All finished,
and glued to her movie.
 She told me she loves coming to my work.
Then, like any other kid--
naughty or nice...
Pearl got to go home with a balloon and a sucker--
but not before a few runs down the slide.
I think this little gal is going to be a repeat customer.


gilvearbebes said...

Yeah!! I am so glad you are working there! We will have to request you for Sadie from now on! Pearl looks lovely with her new hair cut :)

grandma to 16 said...

So cute on her!!! she looks every bit now closing in on the big 4!!!

Elasta-Girl said...

Way cute hair cut! We miss your services in this family.

Cathy Bubert said...

Pearl - I love your haircut! You look sooooo cute!
Nice job Stacey :)

Jessica Duff said...

Pearl looks ADORABLE with her new hair cut!! She is such a cutie.

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