Thursday, April 21, 2011

10 months

Can you believe this brown-eyed beauty is 10 months old?
She may as well be a year.
At 10 months--
Violet is finally sleeping through the night.
Up until now, she was up at least once a night,
sometimes twice...
We were tired.

We had a system, and it worked.
She would wake up,
Kelly would bring her to me--
I would feed her, and put her back to bed.
I told Kelly it was so nice of him to bring her to me...
he said he figured: 
"The sooner I give her to you, the sooner I can go back to bed."
I say it was nice of him anyway--
alterier motive or not.

Violet is an eater.
As the mother of a 3 year old who survives off of apples, yogurt, and milk...
I'm proud of the way my little baby can put her food down. 
{Max in his prime food catching spot.}

She out-eats Pearl every day of the week.
It's so rewarding to put food in front of her...
and watch her eat it.

That is everything except for dairy.
She is extremely allergic to it.
If I ate the smallest amount of dairy while I was nursing her--
she would break out into a head to toe sand-papery rash.
She of course always goes for Pearl's sippy of milk.
She'll chug that thing as though her life depended on it--
She knows it will soon be taken from her,
and that's when the squealing begins.
I just feel bad when she gets a tummy ache from it.
She finally got a tooth.
Just one.
A pirates tooth,
 Kelly calls it.

I thought her second bottom tooth 
would come in soon after--
but it's taking it's sweet time.


As long as it comes in before Kindergarten,
she'll be just fine.

Kindergarten is always my gage for things.
As long as we tie up all of the 
developmental loose ends before then,
we're good.

I guess we'll worry about the one-toothed Kindergartener if we get there...

*This post is obviously late... 
11 month update coming soon.


grandma to 16 said...

oh Violet, you cutie, cutie.....she brings eating to a new art form~ I thought I would split a banana with her but no sir, she ate it all down the other night!

Jessica Duff said...

Violet is a serious cutie, I love her!

Maybe the second born child always eats better, because Dane probably eats two times as much as Cooper every single day. Dane is 2.5 years younger than Cooper but only 4 pounds lighter and a few inches shorter. I'm impressed that Pearl lives on apples, yogurt and milk. Cooper won't eat anything healthy/earthgrown like apples, he will drink milk though.

Elasta-Girl said...

She is so adorable.

the Horton Hurricane said...

love this baby!!

Cameron and Rachel Bott said...

Oh Violet! and to think I gave her pizza yesterday, I wasn't thinking! So sorry baby girl!

Kindergarten great age gage! your one smart mama Stace!

Cole and Mindy Smith said...

So Morgan is now 15.5 months old, and STILL doesn't have any teeth! So she is in great company!! :) She is SO dang cute, and reminds me so much of Morgan!

Cathy Bubert said...

Violet, you are so beautiful. I love seeing every milestone via the blog. I love you, Nana

Kent said...

You guys are definitely blessed with beautiful little girls.

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