Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This Weekend.

Kelly could only talk himself out of getting sick for so long.
He finally surrendered to the looming flu bug this weekend.
I'm not as good at taking care of him, as he is at taking care of me.
He acts like he's fine when he's not, so I forget that he's sick, and make bad suggestions like:
"Hey, lets go get some Mexican food and then
 chase it down with some thrilling rides at a theme park." 
Well not exactly that--
but something along those lines.
Something where he'd probably want to say-- but wouldn't say:
 "Do you not remember how you had this very sickness just last week,
and you tossed and turned and moaned in your bed, 
refusing to leave that very bed for 48 hours--
 while I took over all motherly duties
 on top of fatherly duties, and you slept 2 days away?"

Then I probably would say "touche,"
because I always try to fit that word into conversations,
but apparently never at the right time...

{What about there Kel-- would it have worked there? Get back to me on that.}

So anyway...
{knocking on wood}
We've all survived the sickness, 
and are healthy for now.

The girls and I spent Friday afternoon hanging out at the Rachel's house.
Cam and Rachel's house is a kid's dream.
The whole bottom floor is a playroom,
equipped with a pink circus tent,
and a mid-sized trampoline that's enclosed with netting.
Pearl and Mabel love to have a level all to themselves.

We got out of the house and made a trip to Target.
Let's face it, going to Target is always fun.
Pearl and Mabel begged to get out of their seat-belts THE whole time--
but I never let them out...
 I don't trust them.

Gram had Pearl and Violet over for the night,
and Pearl even got to have a sleepover.
She had the best time,
and came home with pretty purple ribbons in her hair.

On Sunday, Pearl wouldn't go to her primary class.
So she came with me while I taught my lesson.
 She drew a picture, and held it up for the class to see without saying a word.
She held it up until she got enough praise from them.
Then she put it down.
She loved it.

She went to sharing time without a problem.
Probably because she loves to sing.
 We had a great lesson on forgiveness in Relief Society.
It made me think of a quote I just heard from none other than David Arquette:
"Holding onto anger is like drinking poison, and expecting the other person to die."
So true David, so true.
Violet never wants to sit quietly through R.S.
So since she stayed home with her sick Dad--
I actually got to hear, and enjoy it.


grandma to 16 said...

I love your posts! They give me a good giggle before I start my office work!

I didn't know Target carried the double toddler bus on their carts! awesome~~

Mandi said...

I love to read your blog, you crack me up and I feel like I am sitting across the table from you in Ecuador again watching you kill yourself with ridiculous amounts of sodium added to your food. I always thought you used the word "touche" appropriately, but what do I know.

Cathy Bubert said...

Love your post,all the amazing photos and your incredible gift for writing! I especially love that everyone is feeling better - Yeah!

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