Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I dusted off my cosmetology license,
which has been very underused for the past three years--
and got myself a job.

It's very different than any other job I've had in my ten years of doing hair.
The two salons I have worked at were inside nice day spas.
I could set my appointments,
set my own prices, 
and I would only come in when I had clients scheduled.
I also worked in the spa doing facials and pedicures.

I really loved the variety, and working in those environments...
but there were a lot of expenses that went into it --
 booth rent, color, products etc.
Before Pearl and Violet were born,
I took a lot of appointments,
 and it was very worth the money I put into it.

Life is expensive with two kids, and crazy gas prices!
I  needed to get a part time job.
I really wanted something where I could just show up, 
work, and bring home the money I made 
without having to put it back into my business.

Like many other matters--
I discussed this matter with my dear friend Rachel,
who then offered to watch my girls two afternoons a week
in exchange for me watching her kids two mornings a week.

Pearl and Mabel are besties--
who sometimes fight a lot,
Will and Violet will probably get married,
even though they don't know it yet...
and I trust Rachel watching my girls with all my heart.
bada bing bada boom.
Everyone is happy.

Last Wednesday,
I walked into a salon 3 minutes from my house.
All they do is kids haircuts.
All day everyday.
I filled out an application,
and they told me I could start the next day.
All I have to bring is my clippers and shears,
and I'm in business.
I get paid hourly,
plus tips.
I work 5 hours two days a week,
and every other Saturday--
Which means I'm still home with my family most of the time.

Today was my second day,
and I really like it a lot.
I've had a request each day for the Justin Bieber 'do.
Which I did, then asked them to sing "Baby"
 while a gave their bangs the finishing swoop across their foreheads.
One of them did sing it, as well as "Eenie Meenie Minie Mo,"
but the ten year old was way too cool for that.

The kids are all so cute,
and thanks to a slide, bubbles, balloons,
and their own pick of a DVD--
they've all been really good.... so far.
We do a lot of appointments there,
which makes the time fly by.

I feel good that I can bring in a little extra money,
and I feel great that Rachel and I worked out
 the perfect baby switching deal.
We are awesome.

So there it is.
I still get to be a stay at home Mom,
who works a little bit--
and I feel really lucky.


Cathy Bubert said...

Cookie Cutters is lucky to have you! Johnny says he'll stop by for a trim. I wonder if he will sit on the motorcycle or the firetruck . . .

the Horton Hurricane said...

I love it so cool! My soon to be 14 year old still hates hair cuts, he wont speak to me the day after he gets his cut.
You will be great all kids love you and you are so fun!!

Habs said...

I'm so glad you could find a part-time solution. Kent and I are trying to find a remedy to our current working madness. I want so desperately to stay home when I have this baby. Your post gives me hope!

grandma to 16 said...

that is what I call "mommy-power"
you cute young mommies working together. Watch out - you're so nice, you'll get some regular's that will only want Stacey to cut their hair! ( smile )

Dave and Kristen Geurts said...

WE miss you doing our hair! Dave needs to come in and get his hair cut by you now... well, what's left of it. ;-) don't tell him I said that. he's still really cute even tho his hair is mostly gone. :) hehe.

Camille and Paul said...

That is great that it works out so well for both of you! The kids are in love with you I am sure.

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