Monday, March 28, 2011

Mase-ity Dase-ity

 I got an iphone.
It came early Friday afternoon.
I wanted to jump and cheer,
and high five the fed ex man when I opened the door--
but I played it cool,
like any grown mother of two should do.

I got it charged up, and as you may imagine--
The rest of the day was a loss.
Lots of getting apps for this, and apps for that.
And since I had downloaded some awesome photo taking apps--
There was a lot of photo taking as well.
 And when everyone boycotted my picture taking,
I turned to furrier subjects.

Neurotic Scarlet,
and the "always guilty" Gritz.

For the first hour Kelly was home--
he responded to everything I said with
"and there's an app for that."
It was funny the first 6, maybe 7 times...

Kelly had a camp-out with the Scouts to attend.
He packed his bag, no thanks to me--
I was too busy taking this picture.

We sent Kelly off, and I took the girls to Training Table--
where we celebrated our nephew Mason's 14th birthday.
 It was obviously a good time,
and the cheese fries didn't hurt either.

The fun was put on hold when it was discovered that
 the birthday boy took his Mom's car for a spin.
Luckily he made it back alive--
although he may have wished he didn't
 after his Dad laid into him in the parking lot.

I took his mug shot.
It was the least I could do ;)

We headed back to the Horton's for cake,
but not before a stop at good ol' Walmart for frosting.
 The cake was frosted and sprinkled.
 Mase barely stayed long enough to blow out the candles.
He had a big party to get to, you know.
A party with people much cooler than us.

 It's okay--
as soon as Jenny dished out her chocolate cake,
all hurt feelings were forgotten. 
 It was goooooooooooood.
Jenny tells me it's because it was made with love.
 I believe her.


Cathy Bubert said...

Happy Birthday Mason - you are so grown up!
Horray for the new I-phone - so excited about lots of pictures from home :)

the Horton Hurricane said...

this was great to see this morning. I love the new phone and I love all these pics!!

kelly said...

There's an app for that.

grandma to 16 said...

what fun to have a new toy!!! with lots of apps!! (smile)

loved Mason's mug pic!

Habs said...

Kent and I loved this post. And we are pretty sure we took Mason boating with us once so we got a good laugh about him getting into trouble!

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