Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mandarin for Mandi

My dear friend Mandi had a birthday.
The fact of life is we're getting older now,
and to make it less painful--
we've decided to celebrate our birthdays by going to dinner,
and eating our feelings.

I'm kidding.

but not.
Kristen, Mandi, Me, Amber

The obvious choice for dinner was the Mandarin.
It is so delicious,
and Kristen and Mandi worked there for years--
which means they have the low-down on everything.
From the food, to the people who work there.
We had:
Pot stickers
Five Taste Shrimp 
Mediterranean Chicken
General Tsao's Chicken
Pan Fried Noodles
and Fried Bananas for dessert.

We ate and talked for hours,
and wondered if it was safe for our waiter to
 serve our food with dreadlocks.

We stayed until they were ready to close.
They packed up our left-overs,
and we all went home to our little families.
It was the perfect celebration for a great friend.


grandma to 16 said...

what a fun girl's night out!!

Mandarin is the perfect place~yum

you are all so cute!

Mandi said...

Best night ever! Thanks Stacey:)

Cathy Bubert said...

Happy Birthday Mandi!
What a fun celebration.

CC said...

Taci LOVES that waiter cuz he kind of has hair like her... and she told him that. But he said hers was much prettier than his.
(fishing for a big tip? I think so, but Taci loved it!)

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