Friday, March 4, 2011

Ice Princess

For the past 6 weeks,
Pearl has been taking ice skating lessons with her cousin Blythe.
The first 2 lessons, they had the kids pushing
buckets around the ice for support.
They were nervous to find the buckets were gone 
when we showed up for the third lesson.

It's amazing how fast they learn--
They can march on the ice,
attempt to do fishes forward and back,
and try to glide on two feet.

Blythe has a crush on Alex,
so sometimes they have to make a stop at the snack bar.

She was trying to contain her excitement after her first lesson.
Then she just couldn't contain it anymore!
The girls love having an audience.
So they get really excited when Grams, and Dad's come to watch them.

 It was a special treat that Nana was able to watch Pearl skate 
while she was here for Cristy's wedding.
She loved having her there,
and still talks about it.

Their second session just ended, 
but we'll be back for more...
She loves it.


the Horton Hurricane said...

I would love to see her skate that is so cute.

grandma to 16 said...

I feel I'm looking at a little Stacey in some of those pictures! wow - you could never not know Pearl was yours! She's soooo cute~ I'm glad she enjoys ice skating, that is awesome.

Cathy Bubert said...

Pearly girl you are an AWESOME skater! I love all of your cute pictures. Have your Mom make a video of you skating sometime :) Love, Nana

Matt'n Mal said...

her hair is so long! Unreal! Let's plan to hang out next weekend please and thank you! We missed you last Friday, I hope you are feeling better!

Kent said...

That is really cute! Keep this up and she could be in the Olympics someday.

Cristyannie said...

I need to come watch next session!!! What cute pictures!

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